2,653 People Died From Road Accidents In Nigeria Between January and June 2016. But Did Their Families Receive The Needed Compensation?

Mar 14, 2017

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Nobody deserves to have his or her life cut short, no matter the circumstance. Yet, [i]the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) reports that, in the first six months of 2016, 2,653 people lost their lives in the 4,809 deadly road crashes that occurred across Nigeria. What is frightening is that these dark statistics indicate an increasing trend, with a 5.15% jump when compared to the number of accident-related deaths within the same period in 2015.

The FRSC also recorded 14,998 cases of injuries sustained in the road accidents within the same period – just two cases shy of reaching a milestone mark of 15,000. This figure also witnessed a jump, with a 3.48% increase when compared to the 2015 figures of 14,493. To put this into perspective, these deaths go beyond the numbers. They represent an actual demise of parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, wives, husbands, bosses, you name it, who mean the world to real people. These 2,653 deaths, in real life, sadly mean that thousands of children are now without parents or have now been orphaned. It also points to thousands of wives who are now widowed or husbands who are now widowers.

Here Is How We Insure Your Happiness

These 2,653 dead persons left their loved ones with a dream of a better future. They may have even embarked on their journey in a quest to actualize their dreams and build a fulfilling and enduring future for their families. These cases of accidents on our roads may have suddenly put the lights off those dreams, albeit forever. For some of the children, who once cheered about being a Doctor or something in the future, they may just end up being street urchins. It is a grim reality.

Road Accident Insurance and Third-Party Motor Compensation Sadly, even the 14,998 who survived with varying degrees of injuries may have experienced a 360-degree change in their quality of lives. Those who are permanently disabled may not be able to push through the daily grind of eking out a living. The changes may also affect the lives of their loved ones adversely. This may not have been the case if they were adequately compensated. Indeed, the loved ones left behind should receive a compensation that can help them kick-start a new journey to the destination of their dreams. Death, though a heavy emotional blow, should not knock out the opportunity of an assured future for those left behind. Even the cost of putting up a befitting burial ceremony should not be a burden to those who are already weighed down by the grief of mourning. Leadway Assurance has made this possible.

Involved in an Accident? Here is How Third Party Vehicle Insurance Covers You

With the Leadway Household, Automobile and Personal Accident Policy (L-HAPPy), Nigerians now have an opportunity to live their lives knowing fully well that they can insure all that makes them happy – even if they are no longer around to physically provide such assurances. In the event of an accident-related death, L-HAPPY ensures that your household is paid up to N2.5 million in compensation. Where the victim of such deadly accident survives, but is left with total and permanent disability, Leadway Assurance will pay N2.5 million to the insured. We must also understand that accidents – such as fire outbreak – could occur at your home, whilst you are away on a trip. L-HAPPy has that covered too. The policy covers buildings and/or the prized contents (whether property is rented or owned). It also provides comprehensive insurance cover for your vehicles and legal occupier’s liability – should you get sued for injuries or death to a visitor(s) within your premises. These multiple covers are capped within a single premium. Most importantly, the premium is unbelievably affordable and comes with an ease of premium payment plan for policyholders.

To find out more about L-HAPPy and other insurance policies in our offerings, please call (01) 2800 700, 2800 701, 08129997070, or send an email to Lcs@leadway.com for more details.

[i]  ‘2016 Half Year Corps Performance Report’, – September 1, 2016; www.frsc.gov.ng/publications)


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