5 Tips For A Thriving Health In A Disruptive Tech Environment

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It’s quite amazing the number of  tech startups springing up in Nigeria in recent times. It now seems like the startup ecosystem is the new oil in Nigeria. All of a sudden, people are brimming with ideas of how technology can fix major problems across different sectors. This has brought about an inundation in the system and, with the so much competition in the ecommerce, fintech, agtech, edutech, medtech sectors, to name just a few, startup founders are driving themselves and their staffers so hard, so as to stand out among the hordes of startups.

While it is important to stand out and be the best in your field, it is imperative to pause and catch your breath from time to time. The tech community tends to glorify unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits, which eventually throws up health issues like insomnia, chronic backaches, mental stress, depression, hypertension, to mention a few. According to a  study by the Harvard Medical Centre, insufficient sleep can be linked with the risk of developing certain medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, loss of immune function, drug and alcohol addiction as well as increased risk of mortality.


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Therefore, if you work in a disruptive tech startup, or in a very demanding work environment, these simple tips should help you function better.

A. Take breaks intermittently: We know you have lots of deadlines to meet and lots of disruptive ideas that need implementation, but those short breaks would help you focus better, relieve pressure and anxiety, gather new ideas, and make you feel more relaxed. Research shows that those who take breaks in-between work are more productive than those who work at a stretch.

B.Go for a walk: Simply walking for thirty minutes helps to cut out on the sedentary life style. It also reduces the risk of neck pain and backache, which can degenerate and become chronic. It’s also a good way to unwind and ease off pressure.

5 tips for health/ Tech Taking a walk

C. Leave work at work: No matter how tempting it is, try as much as possible to finish your work at work. Try not to take work home. This rids you of sleep, rest and valuable family time. Be easy on yourself! If you break down today, the work would have to go on somehow.

D. Get a health insurance: This will afford you regular and quality health care and check-ups at minimal expense. In turn, this will translate to reduction in absenteeism from work due to ill health and overall productivity for the company. An organized healthcare package will ensure regular health checks that can prevent stress, depression or other illnesses that working in a startup can bring about.

5 tips for health/ Tech resting male

E. Finally, work smart, not hard: To be productive at work, there is need to effectively manage your time, break down tasks, handle pressure and reduce mental stress. This is what working smart is about. If you need to take a course, by all means do! But don’t push yourself too hard that it takes a toll on your health.

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