5 Reasons You Should Not Consider Travel Insurance This Summer

Jul 10, 2017

When it comes to travel insurance, most people wonder about its necessity. Is this really worth it? After all, your trip will be over in a couple of weeks and you may actually never need the policy, right? Again when we look back at our last trip, we recall that it was fun and smooth, and nothing bad actually happened. So, why not have a positive mindset that nothing will happen on this one too.

Some argue that, just like the emergency brake in your car or the spare key to your house, travel insurance is one of those things you may never need. All you need to do is to pray very hard and believe that a really important item in your luggage never ends up missing or your fl­ight never ends up being rescheduled due to a bad weather. Well, we have worked really hard to gather more reasons for them, and have drawn up five reasons why you do not need travel insurance for your next trip. See how it works with you!

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Your baggage Will Never Get Lost

Part of the perks of having travel insurance is that it covers loss of baggage or property outside your country of residence during your travel. Imagine taking so much time to evaluate everything you would need to have with you to make your vacation perfect and then, on arriving at your destination, you discover that your bags did not get there or your expensive camera is no where to be found.

But all you need to avoid this is to be extra vigilant and smart, and to pray that this doesn’t happen to you. Yes, with your fervent prayers, your baggage wouldn’t end up like the 24.1million bags said to have been lost or mishandled in 2014, according to data from the SITA (an airline IT vendor behind the World Tracer System for baggage). Well, if you are not too sure you can keep yourself from becoming part of the statistics, call Leadway Assurance for a comprehensive Travel Insurance plan.

You plan to stay indoors and sleep all through your vacation

If you are taking the vacation to stay indoors and sleep all through and rest, then you do not need to buy travel insurance. Since nothing can possibly go wrong if all you to do while visiting a foreign land is sleep, instead of touring and participating in any activity, you probably should not get travel insurance. But then, you will also need to find your way to your vacation destination and back without taking flights or taxis.  However, if you can’t, travel insurance will provide cover for you in case of personal accidents and liability, which may occur during your vacation.

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You Are Immune to ill health and accidents

A single incident of ill health can ruin the rest of your vacation. Sure! But, for you, that does not come up. You can never fall ill or be involved in an accident. So, travel insurance that caters to any such emergencies is not needed.

Well, if you are not this superman, travel insurance from Leadway Assurance will offer you a cover for medical assistance that caters to out of pocket expenses, emergencies & repatriation in cases of severe emergencies that may arise while you are out of your country of residence. It certainly will not hurt to have this as a backup.

For you, everything always goes exactly as planned

If things always go as you plan them, then you don’t need travel insurance. Why would you? After all, you can plan your travels well and have things work just that way.

But, to be sincere, from our last check, things never always go according to plan. In fact, there are so many known and unforeseen factors that can ruin your trip and cause additional financial burden for you. This is why you need travel insurance. You could have a vehicle emergency that makes you arrive late at the airport, causing you to miss your fl­ight. Your fli­ght could be cancelled or delayed, leading to additional expenses. Unfavourable weather conditions can also arise, causing a delay in departure time. Daily, a total of about 500 fl­ights are cancelled and about 15,000 fl­ights are delayed globally.

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You are not smart and do not value your peace of mind

Knowing all the possible misfortunes that could occur during your vacation away from home and refusing to obtain travel insurance may not be the smartest thing you can do. But it’s possible you are not smart and do not value your peace of mind. So, you may not need travel insurance.

However, if you really believe that your peace of mind is worth the extra cost, a travel insurance should be priority for your trip. As Kendrick Lamar, the celebrated hip-hop rapper, would sing, “Sit down; be humble”, and talk to Leadway Assurance for that travel insurance.

If these reasons sounds like gibberish to you, as we suppose, the Leadway Travel Insurance has you covered on medical, financial and other losses (which could include your priceless debit card), incurred while travelling outside the country of residence. It provides you with cover during holiday and business travels in the event of accidents, sickness or loss of property. It is a full package insurance policy that fulfils the needs of the travelling public and immigration authorities of foreign countries. It provides cover for travellers up to 70 years of age. It can also extend to 85 year olds.

Premium payable is a function of your desired destination and duration of stay. With the Leadway Travel Insurance, you can travel and enjoy your vacation knowing that you are covered for the following:

  • Medical Assistance covering expenses, emergencies & repatriation.
  • Loss or theft of personal belongings and money.
  • Trip cancellation or curtailments.
  • Delayed or missed departure
  • Personal Accident / Liability

Leadway Travel Insurance is accepted worldwide and in all 26 Schengen Countries namely: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

For more information on the Leadway Travel Insurance, and other enquiries on the various Leadway insurance policies, please call Leadway Assurance on our customer care lines (01) 2800700, (01)2800701 and 08129997020 or send an email to Lcs@leadway.com for more details.

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