Give Them The Best End-of-Year Gift Ever! Insure Their Happiness!

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Give Them The Best End-of-Year Gift Ever! Insure Their Happiness!

Generally, in most families, Christmas is the one time for full family reunions. Aunties and Uncles from all over the place, with cousins, nieces and nephews you’ve probably not seen in the course of the year, as well as Grand Pas and Grand Mas in the ‘village’, all converge to celebrate the love, joy and happiness that the season brings. It’s time to count your blessings, victories and gains, and reminisce about old times. Usually, during this time, family members could get called out for one reason or the other. Sure this is a scenario you are very familiar with!

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Give Them The Best End-of-Year Gift Ever! Insure Their Happiness!

Then, it is also that time of the year when those who look up to you expect you to demonstrate your goodwill towards them, by offering that gift that will light up their season. Usually, you will give money, clothing or food. But we think you can switch it up this year, with something totally unexpected and perfect for everyone. You can buy them an insurance policy that will provide cover against certain financial risks, thereby ensuring their happiness for the rest of the coming year. You can even wrap it in a beautiful box with ribbons on it. We bet you… that will be your best end-of-year gift ever to your loved ones!

Yes, a Leadway insurance cover is the new way to go when thinking of gift ideas. Say you have an uncle who just opened up a business. You may surprise him with LBoss. This is an insurance cover designed to help protect small and medium-sized businesses against the risk of material damage to business premises and their contents, vehicles operated for the business, cover against medical expenses incurred by employees as a direct result of an accident at work and cover against legal suits relating to injury or loss suffered by visitors to the business premises. LBoss is affordable and you can pay its premium in 12 instalments if you so prefer. Wouldn’t your Uncle be totally thrilled with a gift like this?

Your newly married cousin will definitely be excited by our Home Flexa Silver, a flexible insurance plan that provides cover for personal accident, property loss, property damage, private health plan and family benefits. It is tailored to save the policyholder money and unnecessary expenses. This policy will not only cover your cousin, it will cover his wife and family. Your pocket will only be set back by #12, 888 for the entire year, but the benefit is totally worth it! What a gift this will make!

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Give Them The Best End-of-Year Gift Ever! Insure Their Happiness!

Another Leadway insurance policy that will come in handy as a gift item is the Hospital Cash Cover. With this gift, your loved ones wouldn’t have to spend much on hospital bills. With an annual premium as low as N5, 210 for the basic level of cover, after the first two days stay, the recipient will get a daily cash cover of N4, 000 daily for up to 20 days, for hospitalization due to illness, and N7, 000 daily for up to 15 days, for hospitalization due to accident.

Other levels of the Hospital Cash Cover include ‘Classic’ and ‘Plus’, which offer higher benefits depending on the reason for hospitalization. Classic offers N7, 500 daily for hospitalization due to illness and N12, 750 daily for accidents, while Plus is the highest level of cover and offers N10, 500 daily for hospitalization due to illness and N15, 750 for accident. The annual premium for these levels of cover is subject to the age of the insured.

This season, you can make a big difference in the life of your loved ones in the coming year by availing them of any of these insurance packages. They will so love it! Why spend a lot of money on edibles or other gifts that will soon be forgotten after the festivities are over? Make these enduring gift ideas part of your plan for the season, and see the difference it will make in the life of your loved one.

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