Safeguarding your priced jewellery and electronic gadgets

Aug 15, 2016

Our homes are like our sanctuary, a place of comfort and safety, but besides providing shelter over our heads, we most desire our home...

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How to worry less about funeral expenses

Aug 10, 2016

Death, although inevitable, is a concept often unanticipated and unplanned for. The average family man is saddled with bills and responsibilities, from education, feeding,...

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Aug 08, 2016

Since 1970, we have followed up strongly with our goal of insuring happiness and in over four decades, we have effectively covered families, businesses,...

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In Pursuit Of Happiness, Actualise Your Potentials

Feb 23, 2016

Do you know that you can champion the change mantra in pursuit of happiness and actualize your resolution in the remaining half of this year?...

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