Accident Policies

Combined Accident

This policy combines employer’s liability insurance and group personal accident insurance and is designed to offer complete protection to businesses against a ...

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Fidelity Guarantee

This policy indemnifies the insured employer against all direct pecuniary losses sustained through any act or acts of fraud or misappropriation committed by the ...

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Money Policies

The Leadway Money Insurance policy is designed to cover a business against the loss of its money, whether in transit, in a safe, on its premises, or as otherwis ...

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Employer’s Liability

The product indemnifies the policyholder against awards or settlements made for claims made under the Employee Compensation Act 2010 and legal expenses for such ...

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Group Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance provides compensation to individuals or groups (Clubs, Families or Companies) in the event of accidental bodily injury to the insure ...

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