Savings & Investments

Deferred Annuity Plan

The Leadway Deferred Annuity Plan is a savings plan towards retirement. It’s a plan whereby you contribute & accumulate savings over a preferred period of tim ...

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Personal Savings Plan

With the Personal Savings Plan, you can save for the future with maximum flexibility, because there are no minimum contributions or rules about making regular c ...

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Leadway Savings Plan

Leadway Savings Plan is a product designed to assist you save towards a brighter future while offering a protection cover should the unexpected occur. This poli ...

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Leadway Target Plan

The Leadway Target Plan is a policy that pays out four equal annual lump sums in each of the four years after the policy’s maturity date. We calculate the pre ...

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Education Target Plan

The Leadway Educational Target Plan helps you save towards the cost of your children’s education, while providing a lump sum payment to secure their future if ...

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Education Savings Plan

The Leadway Educational Savings Plan helps you save towards the education of your children while providing protection against Death, Critical Illness, or Total ...

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