When Expenses Send You Running For Cover

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When Expenses Send You Running For Cover

You can’t imagine how I felt when I marched into the dealer’s shop that day. It was a Saturday afternoon, a little sunny and somewhat windy. The weather was just perfect for the arrival of my ‘Baby’. I believe nature decided to honour the fruit of my hustle. As a matter of fact, I wore new clothes that day, down to my personals. You can’t imagine how I felt.

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The car dealer obviously noticed my vibes. I could tell he was in sync with my feelings. The smiles that filled his face, with his lips spread from ear to ear, told me a lot. Though it could also be because he was glad to have my life savings for that ‘beautiful mobile metal’, I was still happy to see he was happy.

Did I mention I was a familiar face at that car shop? Yes, I was. I often took out time to live my dream J. It was a therapy I needed to stay motivated towards my car purchase goal. And after 3 years of saving with self-denial of lunch in the pretense of keeping fit and wearing the same clothes acting like I didn’t want to be too extravagant, I could actually go home with my dream car – my ‘Baby’.

When Expenses Send You Running For Cover

I remember the look on the faces of my colleagues when I drove into the office car park with my new car. I could literarily feel the lift in status in their eyes. The feeling was so refreshing but didn’t last long. Not so long after, everything changed.

Chinedu had been very useful to me for 2 years now, cooking my meals, washing my clothes and doing the chores. I absolutely didn’t have anything to worry about when it came to home maintenance. With this, I only thought it was fair to give him an opportunity to learn driving. I needed to encourage him to greatness, I thought. By the way, the excitement on his face when I was handing him my car key was just what I needed at that moment. After all, my friend, Ikenna, was there to guide and teach him.

My heart almost jumped out through my ribcage when about an hour after Chinedu and Ikenna left with my car, Ikenna called my phone, fidgeting as he narrated Chinedu’s situation at the moment. This was just 6 months after my car purchase.

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At a point, I no longer understood what Ikenna was saying. It began to sound like he was speaking Chinese, because he had to repeat every line, over and over, to get me to understand. As he talked, my mind ran through the sacrifice I went through to get the car. It was just like a dream.

Here’s Why Every Nigerian Needs Insurance Protection

The car was a total wreck. Chinedu had gotten into a serious accident. Though it wasn’t entirely his fault, I still couldn’t make a claim on the other car he collided with, as the driver wasn’t willing to accept his fault and I was too scared to go to the police station because Chinedu was only 15 years old. I feared I would be accused of indulging a minor.

Chinedu came out from the accident safe, but I literarily didn’t. My friends were not too worried about me because they supposed that, at my age and status, I would understand the need for insurance and must have gotten one when I bought the car, considering the pain I went through to get the car, but I hadn’t.

When Expenses Send You Running For Cover

I was too ashamed to admit that I had no insurance plan for the car. I felt like my world was crumbling. It was like I had lost everything I had. I took to depression for a few weeks and swore that I’ll never be a fool again.

My experience really taught me the hard way.  After I bought my current car, I refused to ride it until my insurance papers were complete, though I didn’t really have to wait for long, thanks to Leadway Assurance.

I have also decided to always treat life with more seriousness. I won’t be a fool twice. I now plan for unexpected situations and save towards my big dreams with Leadway Assurance. You too should be like me!

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