Here Is How We Insure Your Happiness

Mar 02, 2017

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Celestine’s first experience with us was when the church bus he drives got involved in an accident. Before the accident, insurance to him was something meant for the rich, an item that should never be on the list of a low-income earner. He never imagined a company could fully pay the hospital bills of the victims of the crash and offer a brand new bus in place of a damaged bus. That was way beyond what he thought of insurance. But now, just as you might guess, he is now a fan of insurance, a fan of the best Nigerian insurance company to be precise.

best insurance company in nigeria

Have you ever wondered what we mean by insuring happiness? First of all, think about all that makes you happy – your family, business, assets or future goals. Then, align them with our wide range of offerings. That’s why we are known as the best Nigerian insurance company.

“Your happiness is our priority” is one of our popular catchphrases, one that is backed up with our many exciting policies. The joy of knowing that you have a good sum of money saved up for you, with life cover benefits, loan availability, tax rebates, and interests much higher than bank interests, is what we are working towards achieving with our exciting savings plans.

For a family man, who owns cars and assets, insuring his happiness would mean ensuring that all that matters to him is protected against loss or damage.

best insurance company in nigeria

An obsolete definition of happiness according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “Good Fortune”, “Prosperity.” This means that having your fortune in a bad state is detrimental to happiness.

L-HAPPy, is another interesting policy which is a combination of three major policies – household, property and auto insurance, specifically tailored to meet essential insurance needs. With L-HAPPy, every occupant of your household, your properties/buildings, cars and any legal liability within your premises are covered.

So, have you taken steps to insuring your happiness? Ben was completely taken aback to learn that his barely one month old state-of-the-art mansion, built from his hard work and furnished with premium quality fittings for maximum comfort was burnt down by an unfortunate gas explosion. The best he could do was to attribute his loss to unforeseen forces – though this was neither a preventive or curative response.

Such experiences are very unpleasant but can be very well catered for with our House owner/Householder policy. It is a policy designed to protect your building and properties from accidental loss or damage.  With the House owner/householder policy, such cases shouldn’t affect you because we have your happiness well secured with us.

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In a similar vein, out of sensitivity to the effect of unplanned eventualities, policies like the Annuity Plan, Family Benefit Plan, Agric Insurance Plan and LBOSS were created.

LBOSS is a plan that offers SMEs cover for their office buildings, assets and employees. We believe no growing business should suffer from loss that can be prevented.

The same applies to those in Agribusiness. Our Agric Insurance Plan is designed to cover any form of risks to your crops, farmland and equipment, from disease outbreak to flood, malicious attack, fire, storm etc.

best Nigerian insurance company

If you are planning towards a beautiful retirement, do it with our annuity. It comes in unique variants and provides life cover in the event of death and annuity for your spouse. It is one of the many ways we carefully insure your happiness.

In the words of Sam Cawthorn, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, “The happiest people do not necessarily have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.”

These are some of the ways the best Nigerian insurance company, Leadway Assurance, insures your happiness.

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