L-Happy: Here Is How To Ensure Your Happiness Even After A Terrible Flood

Jul 22, 2017

Though the rainy season can be said to be a much-anticipated season due to its cool “weather for two”, it can also be a huge disaster for some other people, leaving them stranded and sometimes homeless. This reminds us of the recent downpour that kicked off the twitter sensation of Mainland Vs Island, with people arguing for and against.

While some have attributed the flooding to the bad topography and terrain of the island, activities of government, and poor drainage system within the area, others are convinced that it was self-inflicted by the individuals themselves. Nevertheless, whatever the cause may be, one thing is evident: properties of individuals, worth millions of naira, were damaged in the flood.

With all the attention on the reactions, we think it is in your best interest that we all become more proactive, with a good insurance policy that conveniently covers crises such as a flood and, in case there is need for an alternative accommodation, cater for the expenses associated, as our L-HAPPy Insurance Policy would.

L-HAPPy is a unique policy that covers the major risks an individual might be exposed to. It is an acronym for Leadway Home Auto Personal Policy and has since its inception, conveniently insured policyholders against perils that could occur from flood & storm, fire, lightning, limited explosion, earthquake or volcanic eruption, malicious damage, strike and riot.

The amazing thing about L-HAPPy is that you are not boxed to a certain payment plan. You can choose from an array of four available plans, namely – Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum – the one that suits your budget and your assets. Then, the premium can also be paid at your convenience – monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. With L-HAPPy, you get to pay an annual premium of:

  • Basic @N72, 394 for benefits up to N16,150, 000,
  • Bronze @ N142, 626 for benefits up to N38, 300,000,
  • Silver @ N218, 390 for benefits up to N55, 450, 000,
  • Gold @ N287, 478 for benefits up to N72, 600, 000
  • Platinum @ N369, 694 for benefits up to N100, 750, 000

Our sincere condolences go out to those who have lost their valuable properties as a result of this recent flood incidence. Taking action to secure your future is the best move you can make today, and there is no better time to do that than now.

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