What If You Were To Lose Your Debit Card While On Vacation? Can Your Travel Insurance Come To The Rescue?

Jul 25, 2017

Going on vacation is one thing most people look forward to. To many, the whole purpose of taking a vacation is to take a break from the stress that comes from daily living, eat foreign cuisines, shop for favourite brands and visit special tourist attractions. Generally, they want to let the hair down and have unhindered fun. However, how much of the fun you have would be a function of the amount of money you have on you. In other words, without money, the fun you have planned out for your vacation may just be a mirage.

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Today, one can easily carry all the money required for a vacation in a debit card. While this is super-convenient, and can be used anytime and anywhere, losing the card can completely ruin the vacation. While no one prays for a thing like that, the fact remains that the unexpected can happen at any time during a trip. Imagine walking into your favourite store to shop and, by the time you are checking out, you discover that your debit card is missing. Not only would this be embarrassing, it will also mean that you would have to miss out on the fun activities you have planned out.

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Though this is a very scary scenario, the good news is that Leadway Assurance has a unique Travel Insurance policy that would save you from the potential hassles and embarrassment that could come with losing your debit card while vacationing abroad. In the event of such a situation, with just one phone call to Leadway’s affiliates in your vacation destination, you can make claims, thereby saving you the trouble of needing to borrow money to fund the rest of your holiday.

Also, remember that since you may be in an unfamiliar territory, your safety should be protected, as tourists are, most times, easy targets for pickpockets and robbers, and the most common place for these to happen are in large crowds and tourist centres. So, having a travel insurance plan would keep your mind at ease during your travel, since you know that, regardless of the outcome, you are covered.

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The Leadway Travel Insurance offers you numerous advantages that give you the assurance of a vacation that will go as you dreamed it. Since you are not illness or accident-proof, it is only prudent – and wise – to take a Travel Insurance policy before embarking on that trip you’ve been planning.

That’s because, in addition, the Travel Insurance policy lessens the financial burden of dealing with an emergency medical situation, in the case of an illness or injury, while travelling. This coverage is indeed very necessary during your international vacation, as most standard health insurance plans do not cover medical bills outside of your home country. You are also covered for the cost of an emergency medical evacuation to a competent hospital if the medical facilities in your vacation locality are inadequate

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Another factor that could frustrate your plans of having an enjoyable vacation is having a cancelled, delayed or missed flight. This could mean an extra unplanned cost for you. The frustration of being held up at the airport with nowhere to go can be rectified with the Leadway Travel Insurance, which covers the cost of checking into a hotel till your flight is cleared for eventual take-off. This is perhaps a more affordable cost to bear compared to the cost of the disruptions. Indeed, with the Leadway Travel Insurance plan, you can make claims after 6 hours of being stranded at the airport, covering the cost of staying over in a hotel of your choice.

Unfortunately, emergencies come up when you least expect. Apart from providing you with cover for unforeseen circumstances, the Leadway Travel Insurance is the sure insurance product to provide you with peace of mind during your well-deserved vacation.

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The Leadway Travel Insurance is a full-package insurance policy that fulfils the needs of the traveling public and immigration authorities of foreign countries. Travellers of up to 70 years of age are covered under this policy, and it can also extend to 85 year olds. The premium payable on this policy depends on your desired destination and the length of your stay outside the country.

The policy is widely accepted worldwide, including  all the 26 Schengen Countries namely: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

So, get truly prepared for your vacation this summer. Call our customer care lines (01) 2800700, (01)2800701 and 08129997020 for more information on the Leadway Travel Insurance and other enquiries on the various Leadway insurance policies. You can also send an email to Lcs@leadway.com for more details.



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