Love Is The Reason Why We Buy Insurance

Feb 14, 2017

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Although this is not your usual romantic line, insurance is the best way to say “I love you” to yourself, spouse, child(ren), family and investments. As an unknown author once stated, “you do not buy insurance because you’re going to die, but because those you love are going to live.” Indeed, it is this deep sense of responsibility and unconditional love that precipitates one to take out an insurance plan.

This week, we highlight how insurance policies help you fulfill love for yourself or the ones you love:

Buy Insurance Leadway Assurance

Love for yourself

Great love begins with you. When you learn to love yourself, you will learn to love another. People who deeply love themselves do not only eat right, keep fit, work hard and play hard, they also proactively put in place financial plans that ensure they continue to enjoy their lifestyle no matter how fate changes the course of their lives.

Without doubt, unforeseen events such as accidents, fire outbreaks and natural disasters are always lurking in the corner, threatening to knock you off your comfort zone. But with insurance, the effect of such unforeseen circumstances is not visited on the victim, as the insurance company is immediately tasked to provide succour as provided in the policy document.

Buy Insurance Leadway Assurance

Love for your child(ren)

“Children are beautiful gifts from God,” say our elders. But the best gift you can bequeath your children is education. Education – especially quality education – is what gives your child an edge in the quest for a better and brighter future – a future where they can achieve their dreams.

All parents must realize that the biggest threat to giving the best education to their children is their economic capability throughout the period of learning. A single blip in the earning power of the parent could threaten the goal of providing quality education for the child or children. Due to the prevalent economic instability and the uncertainty of future economic wellbeing, parents who truly love their children go out of their way to ensure uninterrupted learning experience for the children. With insurance products such as the Leadway Education Protection Plan, the child is assured of acquiring education, no matter what happens in the immediate future.

Buy Insurance Leadway Assurance

Love for your family

If the people you love (your family) depend on you for their comfort, well-being and financial support, insurance is one of the most significant purchases you can make. This is because insurance helps you to achieve long-term financial security through savings; increases your net-worth through investments, and most importantly ensures that they continue to live in the comfort you’ve planned for them, even if a devious life and career threatening injury occurs or when sudden death happens.

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It is the love you have for your elderly ones that makes you invest in a family benefit plan (burial insurance) so that, should their demise happen unexpectedly when you are not financially buoyant, your insurer would ensure a befitting burial is provided for an endearing closure to a life well lived.

Buy Insurance Leadway Assurance

Love for your investments

A sound financial plan should include an appropriate amount set aside for the insurance of your assets and investments. One can spend a lifetime saving to start a business or acquire that beloved asset. But an accident, fire outbreak or burglary could bring all that effort to naught. In this period of recession when the cost of replacing damaged or stolen assets is almost out of reach, taking an insurance policy becomes a smarter choice.

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Loving your investment enough to protect them is planning to live long enough to enjoy every bit of its dividends. With the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day (A day universally devoted to celebrating love) we encourage you to call us for an insurance product that best suits your loved ones. We are confident that there’s no better gift of love to share this Val’s Day than an insurance policy for the ones you love.

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