Pick n’ Pay: This Comprehensive Motor Insurance Plan Will Suit Your Budget!

Aug 14, 2017

The word recession is no longer new to the Nigerian economy. In recent times, a downward slide in economic fortunes has shaped the way money is spent and allocated. Budgets are being cut and the general expenditure of many individuals and corporate organizations are being reduced to fit the prevailing situation in the country. One can categorically say that, at a time like this, any form of unexpected or unplanned expense should be avoided as much as possible. This is the more reason why insurance should be courted.

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The fact is, expenses that involve unplanned financial expense, like an auto crash, shouldn’t be left for an individual to bear, especially at a time like this. Such should be left for an insurance company that is reputable in claims settlement. The service should also come with affordable plan options that give policyholders the flexibility to choose the amount of premium they can afford, just like the Pick and Pay motor insurance.


Against the normal structure of comprehensive motor insurance plans, the Leadway Pick and Pay motor insurance offers policyholders cover options that would be most suitable to them. With this type of comprehensive motor insurance, you can decide the extent of cover you want for yourself and your vehicle.

Situations where your car is damaged as a result of a riot, strike, flood, malicious attack, fire, lightning, storm, crashes and many other unfortunate incidents could arise. But, even at that, you don’t have to go through the stress of getting your car back to shape after any such incidents. Then, you also do not need to pay for an insurance policy that’s beyond your budget. Just as the name implies, with the Pick and Pay motor insurance, all you need to do is pick the level of cover that offers the benefits you choose, at the premium that is most convenient for you.

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The plan offers you four levels of comprehensive cover, which include Auto bronze, Auto silver, Auto gold and Auto premium, covering you and your vehicle from accidental damage, medical expenses, towing cost worth up to N50, 000, and covering for personal accident, flood, strike, riot, fire, explosion, malicious act, and a limit of N1million for third party damage.

Depending on the Pick and Pay level of cover you choose, you get to enjoy the free provision of a vehicle-tracking device for vehicles above N3.5million. Not only do you get to choose the amount of premium you want to pay for the plan, you can also decide to make payments monthly, quarterly and semi annually. Just ensure that any form of cash payment you choose to make is paid to company cashiers only. Other forms of payment include cheque, direct payment, E-payment through the website or mobile app.


Go here now to get a quote http://www.leadway.com/insurance/leadway-pick-pay-motor/ or call 012800700 to speak with a representative.

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