Leadway Introduces A Smarter Way To Purchase Third Party Motor Insurance

Sep 02, 2016

With the recent increase in road accidents and the number of casualties that often follows, we are pleased to introduce a more convenient and innovative means of purchasing third party insurance to car owners.

Third-party motor insurance is a policy which covers damages to third party vehicle made on a legal liability resulting from an accident. It ensures that the affected party is well compensated.

According to the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), road crashes kill more than the estimated number of people that die from malaria and HIV/AIDS combined each year.

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It is in a bid to control losses from accidents, that the federal government, ensured that the purchase of 3rd party motor insurance is compulsory by law in Nigeria, for all vehicle owners.

As convenient and affordable as it may seem to buy motor insurance from third party agents, the aim of the policy is often defeated as many people fall victim to fictitious insurance policies.

Since 1970, we have upheld our goal of insuring happiness, by putting smiles on the faces of our customers and in line with this goal; we have introduced a more convenient, affordable and absolutely reliable way to purchase third party insurance for your car.

With our partnership with a tested and trusted brand such as TOTAL Nigeria, vehicle owners can drive through select TOTAL stations in Nigeria and obtain third party insurance in less than five minutes.

The process is absolutely seamless and most reliable. You get to buy directly from the Company and register online afterward.


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You might ask, “Why is this different? What makes this unique?” The difference goes beyond the process and place of purchase; it is the reputation of the brands involved – Leadway Assurance Company Limited and TOTAL Nigeria.

There is no need to worry about the genuineness of the insurance policy as we have maintained a good reputation in claims payment and service delivery for over 40 years.

Get coverage for your car and assets with any of our policies. Just drive through TOTAL filling stations nationwide and enjoy premium service. For further inquiries about our policies, please call 012800700 or send a mail to Lcs@leadway.com.

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