Have A Merry Christmas & L-Happy New Year

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Have A Merry Christmas & L-Happy New Year

Since the beginning of the year, we have, on a weekly basis, been sensitizing people on the need for insurance – its benefits and the various insurance policies available. This is because we understand that there is no better way to protect what you have and what you love than taking an insurance cover for them. It is the backbone of every developed economy, and we have been keen to share its principles with you. This is the 48th week of this editorial series in 2017, a year that has been filled with various events and changes that affected every aspect of our lives. As we approach the end of the year, the time has come for us to draw the line, learn our lessons and make solid plans for the future ahead of us.

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Have A Merry Christmas & L-Happy New Year

The year 2017 came with a number of unexpected risks that affected the lives of Nigerians nationwide. First, we were welcomed into 2017 with an economic recession that caused a lot of financial uncertainties and orchestrated negative financial outcomes nationwide. The economic recession negatively impacted Nigerians in different ways; some organizations had to let go of workers, businesses had to shut down, prices of commodities went up and families had to reduce their spending drastically. Thankfully, we ended the year by coming out of the dreaded recession. We are sure you would agree this is the best way to end the year!

We also experienced an extensive rainy season that caused massive flooding in various parts of the country. In Lagos State, the floods submerged parts of Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikorodu, and Surulere for days in the months of June and July. The rains went on for a prolonged period, submerging homes and businesses, and destroying properties and assets worth hundreds of millions of Naira.

Residents in other parts of the country were likewise not left out of this unfortunate natural disaster. In August, a torrential downpour caused River Benue to breach its banks, leaving nearby communities terribly flooded, which led to a huge humanitarian crisis that saw over 100,000 persons displaced from their homes, with farmlands, properties, businesses, and valuables destroyed. Up till today, the impact of the destruction is yet to be overcome by the people affected.

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Have A Merry Christmas & L-Happy New Year

Road transport data in 2017 was not pleasant either. According to the Road Transport Data released by National Bureau of Statistics, a total of 5,059 road accidents occurred in the first half of 2017, accounting for the loss of about 2,673 lives. The financial losses experienced from these accidents are immeasurable, and it is not certain that the victims have been able to recover from such huge losses.

Unfortunately, many of these incidents have dealt a huge financial blow to the victims – households, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations etc. What is even more unfortunate is the fact that a huge proportion of Nigeria’s population has no insurance coverage, and are unprotected from the financial losses that accompany these risks. While we slide into a celebratory mood as this year gradually draws its curtains, it is necessary for us to reflect on the decisions and steps we’ve taken to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our businesses, our assets, our visions and our dreams. Were they at any time threatened by risks of fires, floods, theft, economic downturn or accidents?

Typically, as we make plans for the New Year, we forget the risks we are likely to face and the need to remain protected from them. Certainly, life will throw curve balls in 2018, but the key to coming out of any such situation smiling is to protect our interests with an insurance cover. That way, you have the happiness and peace of mind you truly deserve. At Leadway Assurance, we call this “Insuring Happiness”, and we have been on it since 1970.

Here Is One More Reason For You To Trust Us

Have A Merry Christmas & L-Happy New Year

The Leadway Household, Automobile and Personal Accident Policy (LHAPPy) covers buildings and/or their contents, along with motor cars, personal accident, and legal occupier’s liability. It is designed to suit the needs of all types of households, irrespective of whether their property is self-owned or rented.

L-HAPPy provides a collection of household assets’ insurance, risk diversification, ease of premium payment and reduced costs, as well as reimbursement of expenses incurred from legal liability as a result of injury to a visitor or household member. The premium rates are highly affordable.

L-HAPPy is a one premium multiple cover that comes in basic, bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages, with annual cover limit of N5,000,000.00, N10,000,000.00, N15,000,000.00, N20,000,000.00 and N25,000,000.00, respectively. Even better is the fact that the policy, although annual, can be procured for a shorter cover period, i.e. monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

While we extend our Season’s Greetings to you once again and look forward to a new year that comes with less financial risk, we enjoin you to make insurance a priority for a truly LHAPPy New Year. To find out more about our policies, please call (01) 2800 700, 2800 701 or 08129997037, or send an email to: Lcs@leadway.com for more details.

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  • Provides as much as N25, 000,000 in financial protection from risks associated with the Christmas season.
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred from legal liability as a result of injury to visitors or household members.
  • Provides comprehensive cover for all your vehicles declared.
  • Designed to suit the needs of all house occupants, irrespective of whether it is a self-owned or rented property.



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