You Can Now Enjoy Adequate Medical Care With Our Affordable Hospital Cash Cover

Aug 22, 2017

Emergency situations such as having to cater for the medical bills of a family member can be very challenging, especially when there are insufficient funds to settle huge bills that could arise. In situations that have to do with saving a life, you are often compelled to go out of your way to foot the bills.

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However, with a health insurance plan, a family can forestall unplanned expenses that may arise as a result of medical bills. Such a plan will cushion the policyholder from the financial weight of adequately attending to the family’s health needs. The Leadway Hospital Cash Cover even makes the idea of getting a cover for your family’s health so much more interesting.


The major reason lots of people often avoid being admitted in a hospital is not necessarily because they hate hospitals, but because of the huge medical bills that it often attracts. Good news! The Leadway Hospital Cash Cover provides easy cash for the medical bills of policyholders or beneficiaries who have been hospitalized for more than two days.

Are you below 65 years of age? This plan is just the right plan for you. With an annual premium as low as N5, 210 for the basic level of cover, you will get a daily cash cover of N4, 000 daily for up to 20 days, for hospitalization due to illness, and N7, 000 daily for up to 15 days, for hospitalization due to an accident.

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Other levels of cover include ‘Classic’ and ‘Plus’, which offer higher benefits depending on the reason for hospitalization. Classic offers N7, 500 daily for hospitalization due to illness and N12, 750 daily for accidents, while Plus is the highest level of cover and offers N10, 500 daily for hospitalization due to illness and N15, 750 for accident. Annual premium for these levels of cover are subject to the age of the insured.

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Gone are the days when you had no choice but to settle for inadequate medical care due to the cost of hospitalization. With the Hospital Cash Cover, life can be so much easier. Your hospital bills and that of every member of your household below 65 years of age can be taken care of with this plan.

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