Domestic Accidents: How to Avoid the Disaster and Grief

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The mention of the word ‘home’, usually invokes an imagery of a peaceful place where smiling families share love and happiness. It symbolises peace and laughter. However, it never occurs to us that a home may sometimes become a place of grave danger and even death, due to domestic accidents. That is why it is necessary to observe certain procedures to preserve the love and happiness we so much cherish.

Domestic Accident

Indeed, domestic accidents claim the lives of 18,000 people in the United States and 6,000 in the United Kingdom yearly. Worse still, a combined 5.4 million children experience household injuries in these two countries, each year.

During these incidences, it is not only loved ones that have been lost; many families have also lost considerable amount of money to unfortunate incidences within the home. In Nigeria, homeowners lost over N5.95 billion worth of properties to fire incidents between 2012 and 2016. For many, it means starting all over again – being homeless and seeking to rebuild a home once again.

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The scary part of this reality is that the factors that easily lead to these incidents are things we encounter on daily basis – from bathtubs and electric switches to wet floors and the little dangers we see in the kitchen. According to the World Health Organisation, 8% of incidents that result in either injuries or deaths globally are as a result of falls. This is even higher than fire incidents, which are responsible for 6% of injuries or deaths of people. Yet, we daily ignore the dangers of wet floors within our houses, even with our children running happily around the house.

In this write up, we have identified and highlighted some of the minor and major domestic hazards we must be ware of in order to minimize the likelihood of accidents in our homes:

Keep Sharp Objects Away

Domestic Accident

Usually, we live sharp objects lying carelessly in our homes on a daily basis. They include knives, blades, forks, scissors, needles, pencils, etc. These objects placed in the wrong place or used wrongly can cause serious bodily injury to both children and adults (including injury to delicate parts like the eyes). We must therefore ensure they are kept away from children at all times. We should also ensure we never forget them on our chairs.

Beware of Electricity

Electricity supply in our home is the single most important requirement for a habitable abode. Yet, it also poses a potential deadly hazard. This is because the human body is a super conductor of electricity.

When our bodies encounter the minutest volt of electricity, we receive an electricity shock. Exposure to higher voltage may result in death through electrocution.

However, with our homes dotted with several outlets of electricity supply, we have to take extra critical steps to avoid exposure to naked electricity sources, especially where there are children. Hence, we must ensure that we do not use electrical appliances with cracked or worn out plugs or electricity wires/cables. We must also unplug all appliances when they are not in use. Of utmost importance, you should neither operate an appliance with wet hands nor expose electricity wires or appliances to water. Also keep the children away from all sources of electricity in the house.

Don’t Play with Fire

Fire is responsible for many cases of domestic accidents, causing injuries, loss of property and death. Since most families use fire for cooking in their homes, the likelihood of a fire outbreak occurring in most households is very high. Moreover, fire can spread very rapidly and can engulf an entire house within minutes.

As such, we must teach our children not to play with matches, lit candles or the gas cooker. In addition, it is essential to have fire prevention and fighting equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc in our homes.

Keep Slippery Surfaces Dry

Domestic Accident

Today’s homes are adorned with glittering materials in our quest to create a beautiful ambience. Such glittering surfaces – such as our polished cemented floors, tiles and marbles etc. – are very slippery. When they come in contact with water, they become even more slippery and may result in a dangerous fall as people walk or run over the wet surface. We must ensure to keep these surfaces dry at all times. The bathroom should have an anti-slippery mat to prevent a fall as we take our bath. This is a major risk for the elderly and children.

Ensure You Can Bounce Back

Even with all the preventive measures in place, we can still find ourselves at a place where fate unleashes havoc in our lives. So, what then happens if an accident unfortunately occurs, or the building is razed with all the properties in it destroyed? What would you do to bounce back from the pain of loss? Having an insurance policy that covers you from these kinds of risks helps prevent further financial plunge. Then, having an insurance package that covers you home and away is even more gratifying. With Leadway Assurance, the risk of having an accident at home or on the road is comprehensively covered under a single premium package.

With the Leadway Household, Automobile and Personal Accident Policy (L-HAPPy), your family can be at rest, knowing fully well that they are as insured against any form of personal accident, just as you are, though you are away on a trip. This also includes comprehensive insurance of your vehicles against theft and accidental damages, as well as your house and its contents (whether you are the Landlord or a tenant), under a single package.

With L-HAPPy, even a domestic accident involving visitors to the insured property is covered. Medical expenses resulting from such an unfortunate event will also be borne by Leadway Assurance. Then, should the incident result in a lawsuit, Leadway Assurance will also help with that.

Additionally, your household is assured of up to the tune of N2.5 million compensation in the event of a deadly personal accident. Where the victim of such deadly accident survives, but sustains total and permanent disability, Leadway Assurance will pay N2.5 million to the insured.

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