Here’s Why Every Nigerian Needs Insurance Protection

Nov 20, 2017

Here’s Why Every Nigerian Needs Insurance Protection

As much as we prefer to be religious about our future or what happens the day after, we are surrounded by situations that occasion emergencies. In such situations, we can’t deny the relief we get and enjoy after being salvaged or protected from financial losses, and this is what insurance does. For a country like Nigeria, the place and need for insurance is absolutely evident, and here is why.

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  1. We Are Road Accident-prone. Statistics show that road accidents are not only caused by bad roads or wrong driving. Other factors like sleeping while driving, use of cell phones while driving, and faulty vehicles also lead to road accidents. In a case where the affected party has no insurance or the offender has no third party insurance, the scenario often become that of desperate pleas and fiery anger. The case is different for those who have a comprehensive car insurance they can fall back on.

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Here’s Why Every Nigerian Needs Insurance Protection

  1. We Are Infrastructural and Security Deficient. Besides road accidents, Nigerians have been witnessing a regular reoccurrence of building collapses in recent times, due majorly to infrastructural issues or one form of negligence or the other. Incidences of fire outbreaks, malicious attacks, burglaries etc. are situations that cannot be predicted, but can be effectively salvaged with insurance.
  2. Our Environment Makes Us Worry-prone. Insurance safeguards from unnecessary worries and fear of loss, and gives a sense of confidence and peace – a situation where you do not have to fidget about every situation.

Here’s Why Every Nigerian Needs Insurance Protection

Insurance may seem like a gamble, but when you are eventually saved from an unpleasant situation through insurance, you would appreciate its benefits better.

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So, everyone needs insurance protection. Wise parents often choose to get education protection plans or savings plans for their children. Against saving in the bank, Leadway savings plans offer extra benefits like life covers for the children in the event of a loss.

Here’s Why Every Nigerian Needs Insurance Protection

Young adults can also pick up saving plans for educational purposes, personal saving or any other future targets. There’s also insurance for cars, homes, spouses, parents, businesses and more. These plans are available in-group packages, which are often cheaper. There are also the annuity plans, which ensure that retirees in spend their pension wisely.

Now you see why you must protect your future with insurance. Visit to choose from a wide range of insurance policies. You can also speak with a representative on 012800700 for more information

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