Highlights from the Risk Management and Solutions Seminar in Agribusiness

Dec 13, 2016

The second edition of the Risk Management and Risk Solutions Seminar took place on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at the Asaa Hotel, Kaduna, with a host of farmers, agriculturalist, insurance brokers, risk assessors, agribusiness consultants and entrepreneurs as participants.

Declaring the seminar open, our Associate Director, Mr. Kayode Odeniyi, reintroduced us as the foremost insurance company in Nigeria, recalling our humble beginning and the beauty of facilitating the training in Kaduna, where we first started.

Mr Odeniyi Kaduna

Going further, Mr. Odeniyi, reiterated the fact that agriculture is the highest employer of labour in Nigeria and emphasized the need for practitioners to be fully aware of the risks involved in the business and how to manage it, stating that entrepreneurs should go into agribusiness, “enlightened and not blind.”

Our Head of Agricultural and Micro Insurance, Dr. Samson Ajibola, kick-started the first session, giving a general overview of agricultural risks and insurance, while Jacobeth Barno, Product Development Consultant at Pula Advisory Services, who spoke during the second session, shared deep insights on how insurance has helped transform the agricultural sector in Africa and the essence of effectively managing risks in Agribusiness in a country like Nigeria. Introducing the participants to the different types of agricultural insurance, Mrs. Barno leveraged on her knowledge, garnered from working all across East and West Africa for many years, to show the participants how agric insurance can work for them.

Ajibola Kaduna

Speaking for the second time, Dr. Ajibola, comprehensively explained the underwriting requirements of agric insurance.

The sessions were interactive, with participants taking the opportunity to ask question, share insights and give feedback bordering on all they needed to know about agric insurance and the possible premium offers available to them.

The seminar provided networking opportunities for the participants who had ample time to discuss and explore new business opportunities and certificates where issued out to participants at the end of the session.


The Seminar came to an end with our Divisional Director, Northern Region, Mr. Allan Olufade, in a closing remark, urging participants to ensure they put all they had learned from the seminar into practice.



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