Hospitalized But Not Broke!

Apr 20, 2018

It is usually a hard time for families when a member is hospitalized due to accident or sickness. The situation is even worse when the sick one is any of the parents or the breadwinner of the family. Apart from thoughts of the possibility of losing the loved one if the illness gets serious, which is usually nerve wrecking, the family’s daily income suffers a major setback because the sick one cannot be engaged productively. Moreover, productive time will have to be spent by some member(s) of the family to look after the sick one in the hospital.

Imagine children not being able to have their daily needs met because their father or mother is hospitalized. Though this is a pathetic dimension that hospitalization can take, it often the reality of a lot of families in our society today.

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Though there are many schemes organized by both government and corporate bodies, with the intention of taking care of bills incurred in the hospital, none in Nigeria considers the financial wellbeing of the sick individual like the Leadway Hospital Cash Cover does.

The Leadway Hospital Cash cover is a financial solution designed by Leadway Assurance to provide a daily financial benefit whenever an individual is hospitalized due to accidental injury or illness. Simply put, this insurance package is meant to help people take care of their personal or family’s daily expenses, even when they are admitted in the hospital and not able to work. In other words, though they are hospitalized, they don’t need to be broke.

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For a premium as low as 6,000 per annum, you can get up to 15,000 Naira daily for 20 days, to take care of your family’s daily feeding, children’s daily pocket money and other financial needs, without having to explain to them that daddy or mummy is in the hospital and cannot meet their needs. The payments commence after the first two days of hospitalization.

It is said that no one knows tomorrow, but this is an opportunity to plan against any embarrassing situation that may arise in future, albeit with a premium as low as N500 per month.

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