How Parents Can Beat The “Back to School Season” Apprehension

Sep 14, 2017

The holidays have come to an end and it’s that time of year when children of all ageshead back to school. Without a doubt, it is also that time when parents get anxious in anticipation of the new school year. Although many students look forward to resumption after a long separation from their playmates at school, the same cannot be said of their parents who are burdened with the responsibility of getting them ‘ready’ for the school season. We call it the back-to-school apprehension.

The reason for the anxiety is not far-fetched.On the average, households in Nigeria spend N20, 030 per child in primary school and N33, 804 per child in junior secondary school. Apart from tuition, a new school season can be more daunting as parents have to purchase new textbooks, new school kits and new stationary, and, in most cases, face an increment in school fees. This is even more challenging in a country where the minimum wage is N18, 000 monthly. In addition to these, parents face the problem of readjusting their already busy schedule for the hectic school runs.

Whatever the case, we have highlighted steps parents can take to reduce this perennial anxiety:

  1. Review the school list and budget accordingly: Reviewing your children’s school list allows you prioritise and budget for items that need immediate attention. Reviewing the bucket list also helps identify items that are already available at home, so you can save money and avoid duplicating items.


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  1. Outsource activities that you are not available to handle: Demanding work schedules may hamper parent’s availability for school runs. After all, the hard work parents put in is to ensure that their children get the very best in life. Which is why, as a parent, it is advisable for you to consider alternative arrangements like the school bus service, car-pooling with parents of kids that stay in your neighbourhood or allowing your kids attend after-school activities to help you buy time for pickup.

3. Most importantly, always plan ahead: Always plan to pay school fees in advance. As with any goal considered to be important, planning in advance is necessary. Saving strategically for your child’s education is one approach you can take to relieve yourself from long term stress and worries. In the light of this, we recommend Leadway Assurance’s specially designed insurance products for your child’s education.

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