How Femi Plans To Use Insurance To Stay Afloat During The Recession

Mar 06, 2017

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It is amazing to know how Nigerians have gotten a hold of the Recession Fear, slit it by the throat and thrown the carcass to the birds to feed.
Yes! Desperate times do call for desperate measures, and Femi has adopted a number of measures to stay afloat, no matter what.

Just like any other guy, Femi thought situations like a fire outbreak in the house, car theft/accident, loss of properties, were not for people like him; he was too generous to be involved in such unfortunate situations. Besides, “God won’t allow any ‘bad’ thing to happen to him, especially in this recession.”

But after Jude collapsed on hearing the news of his house that was razed down as a result of a careless gas incident by his cook, despite the recession, Femi had a lot to think about. Accidents happen to everyone!

Looking at his Italian settee, 41 inches curve T.V, world-class home theater, his cars – worth his hard-earned 9.6 million naira, and other appliances – products of his daily toil, he had to resort to a play-safe mode – insurance.

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As much as you might have heard this over and over again, if you are yet to consider it, then you need to hear it again. Your best proof against loss is to ensure that someone else bears the burden.

how to save for the future

An insurance policy like L-HAPPy was just what Femi needed for his family and assets.

L-HAPPy is an acronym for the Leadway Household Automobile Property Policy and it offers comprehensive cover for your household, properties and automobiles.
Accidents that occur within your household, and involving anyone within your household premises, including visitors, are catered for by this plan.

What more could Femi ask for? He was certain that if he was the one that received the news Jude received, he would have not only collapsed, but would forever hunt whoever caused the fire.

Aside taking L-HAPPy, Femi thought it was just the right time to save for the future. Though he wished he had started earlier, he didn’t allow that deter him from going ahead with his plans – the daring spirit of a Nigerian, you may say.

Insurance best Savings plan


Saving for the future was his next point of call. With our savings plan you can save for yourself, family projects, child’s education as well as an inheritance and retirement.

Our target plans force you to adhere strictly to saving up to your target amount. You won’t have to struggle with staying disciplined to save for the future; our available target plans are designed to make you save.

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All Femi needed to get to this state of peace of mind was to first see the importance of a secured future (though aided by Jude’s demise). After this, he was privileged to read through an article like this and gave us a call to ask his many questions, as well as to clarify his concerns.

Thanks to our very receptive representatives, he got all the first-hand information he needed, customized to suit his needs.

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Be like Femi. How about calling us today on 012800700? It will be our pleasure to guide you through all the many ways through which you can wade off all negative recession effects. Leave nothing to chance.

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