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Jan 31, 2017

Leadway Insurance Award

According to Anthony Burgess, popular British novelist and critic, “it’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it,” because “to remember where you come from is part of where you’re going.”

This is why it is normal for right thinking people to reflect on events of yesteryears in their march towards the future.

But, this piece is beyond the norm for us. It is an expression of our innermost feeling towards you, our customers, for all you helped us achieve in the past year.

Are we excited about the turnout of last year? Sure, we are, and it is for this simple reason.

Since our inception in 1970, our singular goal as a corporate entity has always been to insure happiness for our numerous customers. The happiness we have sought for our customers is not just one to be seen only on their faces, but also in their peace of mind, trust and confidence in our integrity. And yes, we find this always!

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When asked what our motivation as a company is, we have had these two words for an answer: ‘our customers’. They are the reason we modify our policies to suit different groups of people, offer bonuses to keep our online audience engaged and happy, and also champion several charity causes.

Leadway Insurance

Just as we were working on more interesting plans to make our customers happier, we were awarded as “The Best Customer Service Insurance Company in Nigeria 2016” at the Nigeria Customer Service Awards.

This made us both proud and humbled, like a servant who has worked tirelessly to make his master happy. We will definitely not brag about it. It was only made possible because you chose us to serve you.

The 11th edition of the LAIF Awards, held in December 2016, was also another interesting experience for us. There, our ‘Tear Drop’ T.V commercial won us a silver medal (the highest in its category) for ‘Best Use of Music’. The idea of the T.V commercial was beyond making people love us; it was an adaptation of what we have often experienced with customers we have insured. That was another humbling award for us.

Yet, when we thought we were done with awards for the year, we were notified of an award for our website,, which was rated as the “Insurance Company Website of the Year 2016” by the Nigeria Technology Awards. As if that wasn’t enough, Philips Consulting came calling, honouring us with an Award for Overall Best Usage of Social Media in 2016.

You may say, “How does that affect the company and its customers?” These awards are a clear indication of our effort towards ensuring a smooth and convenient interaction between our customers and us, and what we are set to achieve with them in the current year.

Insuring happiness has been an interesting business for us. In fact, there is no business greater than the one centered on the happiness of others and, for this, we are very happy for all we collectively achieved in the year. Serving you is our utmost pleasure.

While we thank you for trusting us with everything that makes you happy, we dedicate these awards to those who matter the most to us – YOU.

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