In Pursuit Of Happiness, Actualise Your Potentials

Feb 23, 2016

Do you know that you can champion the change mantra in pursuit of happiness and actualize your resolution in the remaining half of this year?

Regularly evaluating your progress towards your stated goal, whether monthly or quarterly, is crucial to its success.

Your plan should be comprehensive, covering goals that positively cover for self-development, career or business advancement, healthcare management, family life and the proper management of your assets.


All these should be done in the full understanding that, taken together, they are critical to your happiness.

Do some research on initiatives, inventions, business products and technology gadgets, designed to help you realize your objectives.

We live in a digital world. Plug into it!

You can also key into Leadway Assurance, comprehensive plan that covers possible risk to your goals.

The Leadway Household, Automobile and Personal Accident Policy is a one-premium, multiple-cover lifestyle policy.

It covers your home and its contents, including fire, lightening, limited explosion, malicious damage, strikes and riots, and natural disasters.

L-HAPPy will reimburse the cost of the property damaged, along with medical expenses for up to six family members (including your domestic help, if you choose). L-HAPPy is also designed to provide the statutory minimum liability cover required for every occupier and constructor of property.

L-HAPPy also offers comprehensive cover for all insured vehicles, including theft, damage by accident or fire, and claims from third parties for death, injuries and damage to their property. It even includes the cost of towing your vehicle from the scene of the accident.

In the event of permanent disability or death, the policy provides a fixed benefit as previously agreed. Any legal fees expended will be reimbursed.

With a flexible payment plan and convenient channels for making payment, you secure the risks to your properties and family whilst adhering to the compulsory legal requirements of the minimum insurance cover required by the Nigerian Insurance Commission.


So get back on the right track and realize your resolution.

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Have an L-HAPPy half Year!


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