Insurance Policies That Would Make Great Valentine Gifts

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After Tracy, a young mother of two children lost her husband to a fire incident that occurred in their home, it seemed like her world had crumbled to a halt, with no clear way forward. For all she cared, the pillar of their family was gone and they were going to be subjected to a life of penury and hardship. What she didn’t know was that her husband had insured them all against several ugly life situations.

As unbelievable as this might sound to you, that was how it was to Tracy when the insurance company visited her. Before her husband died, all she wanted was a car, and she had hoped he would get it for her birthday that came six months before he died. Instead, her husband got her something else, and pleaded with her to give him some more time. Because she knew her husband could have afforded the car, she figured out he must have used the money for something more important.

Though at the time she requested for the car, it seemed like it was the most important thing to her, in her tight financial situation, all she needed was something that would cater for her and her children.

Let’s make this Valentine more fun by making short and long-term plans that would ensure that our loved ones are free from the pain of unplanned situations. We have several products that would make good Valentine gifts, but for the purpose of this article, we will highlight some familiar few and how you can make them work for you this Valentine.

Education Savings Plan
According to UNICEF Nigeria, Nigeria has a record of about 10.5 million children that are out-of-school for different reasons. Would you like the number to increase with your children or loved ones? It is absolutely a sign of love to start a savings plan for your children now. With a minimum of N7500 monthly, you can stay assured that the education of your children is very well secured.
The beauty of this plan is that you can use it as savings account for your children if they already have some form of scholarship that would cover up for their education. When you want to show love, it makes more sense when you go all out in doing it.

Education Protection Plan
What do you do when you have a new car or an expensive gadget? You protect it. We know how important the education of your child is to you and we have created a plan that would insure it yearly, just as you would do to your house, cars and other assets.  What this plan does for you is that it preserves their education to the next immediate level in case of the loss of the benefactor.

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Staying happy could be a function of the decision you make today. L-HAPPy is a multiple cover plan that covers all you care about in one – your house, cars, buildings and members of your household. With this plan, you can bury the fear of medical costs incurred from accidents in the home. You get to enjoy up to N500, 000 for medical expenses for all or any member of your home. Have you been in a situation where a visitor got badly injured in your home and you were obliged to bear the medical responsibilities? L-HAPPy would cover that for you too. The plan offers you cover for your buildings and damages that may occur within your premises.


Hospital Cash Cover
This affordable plan is one of our very unique plans that should suit a variety of persons and levels of income. It is cheap and offers benefits that are way beyond the premium made.
You can consider this as a gift you should give to yourself or your loved ones this Valentine. Getting started is quite easy. With as low as N6000, you can get up to N15, 750 daily when hospitalized.


Deferred Annuity Plan
We can say that an annuity plan is a plan everyone should have because it is one that grows with you. Would you like to retire after years of works to a life of dependence on family members and the society? Don’t waste your money this Valentine. Do something your future self and spouse would be grateful for.
Start now to plan your retirement

How romantic would you love this year’s valentine to be? After all the flowers, beautiful dresses, chocolates, cakes, cars and even proposals, one thing still remains and needs to be attended to – the future. We cannot rule out the fact that the best valentine gift of all time would be the gift of a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

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