Comfort 5 Plus

The Leadway Comfort 5 Plus plan is an innovative, flexible and inexpensive policy that protects you and your named beneficiaries in the event of death, or contract certain illnesses, or incur medical expenses following an accident.

Its life element pays a lump sum ₦250,000.00 if death occurs during cover, as well as quarterly payments of ₦50,000.00 to a named beneficiary for 10 years after the initial payment.

If you get one of the named critical illnesses during cover, a lump sum of ₦750,000.00 is paid out immediately. Depending on the level of cover you choose, cover either ceases upon that payment or continues to pay a further lump sum of ₦200,000.00 should death occurs after payment of the Critical Illness benefit of ₦750,000.00.

If you suffer an accident, the plan covers your medical expenses of up to a maximum of ₦100,000.00 each year.

The plan covers you worldwide; you can change your beneficiary at any time; and you can pay the premiums either as a single one-off sum, or you can pay annually, quarterly or monthly. Plus, the premiums you pay are tax free.

You have the right to cancel your policy and receive a full refund of premiums paid if you do so within 30 days of receipt of the full policy documentation.

Please click here to download the policy brochure to know the features and benefits relating to this product to ensure it fully meets your requirement.

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