Leadway Private Health Plan

The Leadway Private Health Plan product is designed to provide covers for Basic Healthcare, Total Permanent Disability and Funeral Expenses in the event of death.

The Healthcare Cover is offered, arranged and coordinated through our associate company, Total Health Trust Limited. Benefits are defined and standardization of the medical care given is governed by managed care rules and contract. Coverage is provided through the network of contracting providers. There are three options of Silver, Gold and Platinum available.
Total Permanent Disability cover pays a fixed benefit chosen by policyholder, with a minimum of ₦200,000.00. The benefit is paid should the insured becomes permanently disabled as a result of accident.

Funeral Expenses are paid if any of the insured lives should die and the benefit is chosen by the policyholder subject to the benefit being in the range of ₦200,000.00 to ₦5,000,000.00.
This policy is available to Individuals, Families or Household members. The Policyholder can purchase this policy on behalf of others in his household without necessarily being a beneficiary of the policy.

The premiums payable depend on which level of cover you choose.

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