Marine Hull & Machinery

Marine Hull & Machinery

The Leadway Marine Hull Insurance policy is designed to cover a ship owner or operator against loss or damage to the vessel by most maritime perils.

Cover can be provided on either an Operational or Voyage basis. Voyage covers accidental damage to the vessel while in transit (usually from the point of purchase to where it will be put into use); an Operational policy covers accidental damage to the vessel while in use.

The policy also provides cover for loss or damage to  hull,  machinery, gear, and equipment attaching to the vessel caused by:

  • accidental damage
  • perils of the sea or other navigable waters
  • fire, lightning, and explosion
  • theft or attempted theft following a forcible entry
  • contact with aircraft and land conveyance, dock or harbor equipment or installation
  • malicious acts
  • piracy

A sample policy for the Leadway Marine Hull Insurance product can be downloaded here. Please read all the documentation relating to this product to ensure it fully meets your requirements.

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