Term Assurance

This is a simple and flexible life insurance product that pays out a lump sum if death occurs during the period of cover. You choose the amount of that lump sum and the length of cover, and your premium is calculated accordingly.

For an additional sum, you can extend cover to apply where you contract certain named critical illnesses or becomes permanently disabled because of an accident anywhere in the world.

You can choose to pay your premiums in a way that suits you best: you can pay a single one-off premium, or you can pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. The premiums you pay qualify for tax relief and can therefore, reduce your tax bill.

You have the right to cancel your policy and receive a full refund of premiums paid if you do so within 30 days of receipt of the full policy documentation.

You can also opt for a Leadway Lifestyle Protection Plan which has all the benefits of a Term Assurance and more such as protection against inflation, a Job Loss cover, amongst other things.

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