Aug 08, 2016

Since 1970, we have followed up strongly with our goal of insuring happiness and in over four decades, we have effectively covered families, businesses, and organizations, across the country.

Without mincing words, we can say that this status was made possible with your support and unwavering believe in a truly Nigerian brand like Leadway Assurance Company.
In line with today’s digital and mobile reality, we have developed a social currency platform called HappyNotes, to specifically meet your lifestyle needs, by providing a directory of healthcare, security and essential services, listings, auto-mechanics and other general aspects.


The newly launched platform features the Talkathon session for all Q&As with real users across sectors, enabling us to reach out to one another as Nigerians. The platform also features regular startup ideas, saving tips for business, health issues, lifestyle tips, and retirement plans.


We personally invite you to explore and join in the conversation, as we all join forces to make our country a better place.
As always, our priority still remains to insure your happiness.

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