Leadway Is Making A Difference!

Oct 03, 2016

Though many may hate the sound of it, things go wrong everyday. And this is what makes the place of insurance in contemporary society irrevocable. Simply put, insurance means you won’t have to bear the full cost of a loss when the unexpected happens. Contrary to what obtains in many developing economies, insurance markets in developed climes are a huge chunk of the financial markets and have continued to grow in quantitative importance as part of the general development of financial institutions.

Nevertheless, in recent years, insurance in many developing economies has also been growing, not just in quantitative terms, but also in more qualitative importance due majorly to greater awareness and the increase in risks and uncertainties in many such societies, Nigeria inclusive.

Certainly, the Nigerian insurance sector is different from what it used to be in the not too distant past. Before now, though insurance has always been valuable in protecting people and their assets from the financial risk of something going wrong, the insurance sector was in a kind of pariah state. Apart from income related issues, part of reasons adduced for this was a poor public perception of the importance of insurance for business. But for the generality of Nigerians, it stemmed from what looked like a tradition of defaults in claims, which translated to bad publicity for the industry and a consequent growth in apathy.

But all these have changed, and one of the key players making a difference in this new insurance era is Leadway Assurance Limited. With its array of innovative offerings like the Leadway Boss (Leadway Business Owner Support Scheme), designed to protect SMEs against various risks; the Leadway Personal Annuity Plan; and the Lead Education Protection Plan amongst numerous others, Leadway is helping to deepen insurance penetration in Nigeria, taking initiatives that are beginning to make insurance covers quite friendly and appealing. This is coupled with its well enhanced public awareness machinery, as well as its rapid expansion and strategic business partnerships.

A clear leader in the insurance industry, Leadway Assurance is making it easier and easier than ever before for people to get insured with people-friendly innovative products. One of such products is Leadway’s recently launched Drive-Thru Motor Insurance, under which it is partnering with Total Nigeria to bring insurance closer to Nigerians, using major Total service stations across the country. This new initiative, a pioneer innovation by Leadway, makes Leadway’s easy-to-use Third Party Motor Insurance recharge cards available for purchase at the fuel stations, boycotting the need for agents, lengthy paperwork and long queues.

Leadway’s initiative to partner with Total Nigeria now makes it possible for insurance products and services to be made available in designated Total service stations across Nigeria. The good news is that these stations will not only be used as pick up centers for Leadway Assurance products, but will also serve as collation centers for other insurance related issues such as claims processing. This is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Leadway is also taking friendly initiatives in the Agric Insurance sub-sector in Nigeria, with a range of products that provide insurance cover for farm produce, crops, poultry, fish farm, livestock, machinery and equipment. It would be recalled that Leadway Assurance, in the course of the current year, has already engineered two editions of its Agricultural Risk Management and Solutions Seminar, held variously in southern and northern Nigeria, which benefited many agric entrepreneurs like large-scale farmers, investors and financiers, agribusiness consultants, insurance brokers, risk surveyors, loss assessors and adjusters working within the agribusiness value chain.

Then, it must be mentioned that through its Happy Notes platform, Leadway is inspiring Nigerians from all works of life to aspire for happiness and fulfillment, despite the odds they may face. No doubt, Leadway Assurance, as a thought leader in the insurance industry, is setting a good example for good service and innovation.

As part of the activities for this year’s Customer Service Week, starting from October 3 – 7, 2016, Leadway Assurance is joining forces with its members of staff in a campaign tagged ‘Making A Difference’, which seeks to celebrate customers and help them understand the importance of service to their families, friends and the society at large, and how it makes all the difference, be it in business or in general relationship.

This week would see Leadway laying down a model of exceptional service to customers before, during and after a purchase. Employees, be they top or mid level, are expected to consciously make an impression in the heart of every customer. During this Customer Service Week, an international event that creates awareness of the importance of customer service to business growth, and celebrates those who serve and support customers on a daily basis, we celebrate Leadway Assurance.

Leadway Assurance Limited one is of Nigeria’s foremost insurance companies, with a reputation for service efficiency and customers’ reliability. Over the years, the company has enjoyed a steady growth in its commitment to providing integrated insurance and financial services to its numerous customers and has always honored its underwriting commitments, earning a reputation for excellence in claims handling.

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