Make 2018 The Year You’ll Commence An Uninterrupted Education Plan For Your Child

Feb 07, 2018

The beginning of a new year is typically a tight period for parents and guardians who have children/wards with basic educational needs that must be met throughout the school year. As a parent, your ability to give your child the best possible education doesn’t come very easy. Be that as it may, supporting them to excel is highly important. Over the last few years, however, the rising cost of living and the consequent high cost of quality education has made the provision of this support quite tough for many parents and guardians.
As difficult as this financial commitment to the education of your child may seem, the end is always rewarding. This is because education is the antidote to the unpredictability of the future. For those who understand planning, the challenge is not only in sustaining the funding of the children’s education, but ensuring that when the unfortunate happens – be it permanent disability or even death – the children’s education does not come to an abrupt halt.

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The reality of children losing the financial support they need to continue their education due to the death of a parent is in itself a traumatic phase in their lives. Have you ever thought of what would happen to your children in the event of an unfortunate incidence; where you are no longer around to take care of them? Would they still have enough financial support to continue their education without interruption?
Childhood bereavement not only ends a child’s relationship with someone of crucial emotional importance, it affects the social welfare of the affected child as well. According to a study carried out by Duke University, USA, developing countries like Nigeria, where social welfare measures are not readily available, orphaned children aged 7-14 years are more likely to suffer the negative consequence of delayed education due to the death of one or both parents.

With the uncertainty of life, parents who truly love their children go out of their way to guarantee an uninterrupted learning regime for the children. The thought of your children being thrown out of school for lack of funds is painful to envision. With insurance policies such as Leadway Education Protection Plan, the extra burden of interrupted education caused by childhood bereavement need not be experienced by your children.
The Leadway Education Protection Plan is a flexible life insurance product that protects your family against the ongoing cost of a child’s education in the event of your death. For an additional premium, the plan can be extended to apply if you contract certain illnesses or suffer a total permanent disability as a result of an accident. Also, you can choose to protect the sum insured against the effects of inflation by having it increase by 5% or 10% each year.

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The sum insured guarantees that your child’s school fees will remain paid until they graduate from their current level of education (e.g. primary, secondary, university) at the time the payment becomes due. This ensures that come what may, your child’s education remains unaffected by your absence and your dream of a quality education for your dear ones is not cut short. The plan can cover as many children as desired, even if they are at different educational levels.
The premium payable depends on the child’s current school or tuition fees, and you can arrange to pay the premium annually or per term.

So, take that critical step today to protect your child’s education by taking a Leadway Education Protection Plan, and join the league of smart parents who have safeguarded their children’s education already. You can call our customer care lines – (01) 2800700, (01) 2800701 and 08129997139 for more information on the Leadway Education Protection Plan, or send an email to for more details.

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