It’s Now Possible To Settle Your Hospital Bills With Just N500. Here Is How

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It’s Now Possible To Settle Your Hospital Bills With Just N500. Here Is How

As the popular saying goes, “health is wealth”. That’s because those who place a premium on their well-being are better poised to be alive, well and strong enough to create wealth for themselves. Yet, some may equally argue that you need wealth (resources) to take care of your health. Whichever side of the divide you belong, the reality is that health challenges do occur. And they come without warning!

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), low-income earners are usually exposed to the greatest risks that cause health problems and are often without the financial means to access healthcare, while people with the most financial means – whose need for health care are often times even less – consume the most health care. In low and middle-income countries – especially in Africa – over half of all healthcare expenditure is made through out-of-pocket payments, pushing 100 million people into poverty and 150 million people to suffer financial catastrophe each year because of the appalling cost of healthcare services.

It’s Now Possible To Settle Your Hospital Bills With Just N500. Here Is How

In Nigeria, the reality is even gloomier. It is a common practice for hospitals to insist on monetary deposit before attending to a medical emergency. This sadly puts a lot of households in a terrible financial state, as many are constrained to sell their assets and consequently spiral into debt, in desperation to pay hospital bills. With the high cost of medical care in the country, it becomes imperative for you to protect you and your loved ones from the cost of health emergencies.

You need to be sure that even in the face of an unplanned medical emergency, you or your loved ones can receive medical treatment without having to worry about your financial capability at that moment.

That’s why Leadway Assurance, taking into cognisance the financial challenges faced by Nigerians in accessing healthcare, developed the Leadway Hospital Cash Cover, an affordable hospital care plan that provides a daily financial benefit for hospitalization of the insured, due to accidental injury or illness, for a consecutive period of 15 or 20 days, after the first 2 days of hospitalization.

It’s Now Possible To Settle Your Hospital Bills With Just N500. Here Is How

With just a minimum premium of N434.20 per month or N5, 210 annually, the Leadway Hospital Cash Plan covers you immediately and will continue until your 65th birthday, as long as you pay the premium. You may also choose to include your partner (under 65 years), your children and your parents (under 65 years) in the plan, provided they reside with you.

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The Leadway Hospital Cash Plan has three levels of cover for you to choose from, namely: Basic, Classic and Plus Covers. The various levels of cover entitle you to the following amazing benefits:

  1. Basic cover: With a minimum premium of N5, 210 per annum, this cover offers a benefit of N4, 000 per day for hospitalization due to illness, and N7, 000 daily for hospitalization due to an accident or injury.
  2. Classic cover: This cover has an annual minimum premium of N9, 710 and offers a daily benefit of N7, 500 for hospitalization due to illness, and N12, 750 for hospitalization due to accidents.
  3. Plus cover: At N13, 260 per annum, this premium covers you for a daily benefit of N10, 500 for hospitalization due to illness, and N15, 750 for hospitalization due to accidents.

It’s Now Possible To Settle Your Hospital Bills With Just N500. Here Is How

Regardless of the cover level you choose, the premium can be paid in installments (Monthly or Quarterly), while cover will apply on the same basis. The Leadway Hospital Cash Insurance Plan is definitely an affordable solution to avoid the financial stress of out-of-pocket payments for hospital expenses.

So, take advantage of this opportunity and protect your most valuable asset, your health. Call Leadway Assurance on our customer service: (01) 2800 700, 2800 701, +2348129997175 to speak to any of our representatives who will attend to your requests. You may also e-mail for more information.

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