One Lunch Date Or A Hospital Cash Cover?

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One Lunch Date Or A Hospital Cash Cover?

Picture this. You are having a breath-taking view of the ocean from where you are seated on a lunch date. The warm breeze blows in your face and you can smell a hint of the scent of the sun hitting the waters. The waiter brings over the first of your 3-course meal and it looks every bit like its taste – heaven. It took all but 30minutes to relish the #15, 000 3-course meals (actually #30, 000 for you and your partner) and then you take your leave. Beautiful experience, certainly!

Now scratch that. Picture this instead. You are sitting on your front porch with your wife, and your children are inside the house busy with one thing or the other. You cast your mind back to a few weeks ago when one of your kids was involved in a domestic accident that got him hospitalised for 2 weeks. It was a medical emergency you had not anticipated and had no money at hand to cater to. But the Leadway Hospital Cash insurance plan you took up for your family came to the rescue. Leadway Assurance paid you for the two weeks your kid was hospitalised. All you had to pay was #13,260 spread over 12 months. Amazing, right?

One Lunch Date Or A Hospital Cash Cover?

Choose! Which of the above scenarios would be more beneficial to you or your family? While it is important to go for dates, especially this holiday season, be reminded that the cost of just one of the dates can fetch a Leadway Hospital Cash insurance for you and/or your loved ones. With an annual premium as low as N5, 210 for the basic level of cover, after the first two days stay, you will get a daily cash cover of N4, 000 daily for up to 20 days, for hospitalization due to illness, and N7, 000 daily for up to 15 days, for hospitalization due to accident.

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Other levels of cover include ‘Classic’ and ‘Plus’, which offer higher benefits depending on the reason for hospitalization. Classic offers N7, 500 daily for hospitalization due to illness and N12, 750 daily for accidents, while Plus is the highest level of cover and offers N10, 500 daily for hospitalization due to illness and N15, 750 for accident. Annual premium for these levels of cover are subject to the age of the insured.

As long as you are below 65 years old, you are eligible to take this cover. It gets even better, you can also choose to include your partner, your children and/or your parents as long as they are under 65 years of age and live under the same roof as you.

Now, weigh the two scenarios again. Would you rather have a lunch date or buy a protection that covers you and your family for medical emergencies in the course of the year for less than the cost of a lunch date?

Please call 01-2800700 to speak with any of our representatives regarding the plan or email for more information. You may also visit to learn more on this great plan.


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