Safeguarding your priced jewellery and electronic gadgets

Aug 15, 2016

Our homes are like our sanctuary, a place of comfort and safety, but besides providing shelter over our heads, we most desire our home to be safe enough to house our priced possessions such jewelry and luxurious electronic gadgets. Though safeguarding priced jewellery/electronic gadgets, etc,  may be difficult, it remains one’s responsibility.

This is why many take the pain and extra steps to making the home ultra-secure against break-ins and burglary with heavy doors and locks and live-in security personnel.

A few weeks ago in Lagos, Nigeria, a 28-year old housemaid led burglars into her boss’ home. The burglars successfully made away with cash of N300,000 and other valuables worth N2.5million. The incident was carefully planned and carried out, while the owners were out of the country. Although one of the suspects has been arrested, others are still at large.


A similar incident occurred in February when Rapid Response Squad (RRS) officials arrested a suspected burglar in the Ikeja area of Lagos. The suspect successfully made away with three laptops; one Mac laptop, two HP laptops and five smartphones – two iPhone 5, one Blackberry Classic and two Nokia Touch phones – from two flats in the area.

Although the government has the primary responsibility of providing public safety, it is also important that every individual assumes a personal sense of responsibility for their safety and security, especially in their homes.

Always make sure your doors and locks are secured at all times both day and night, make sure your sliding doors and windows are secured; use additional blocking options such as burglary proofs on windows which are the most assessable entry points for burglars.



Homes are more vulnerable to burglars when they believe residents are away, so show some sign of life by leaving some lights on. Always keep your eyes open and be a good neighbour, be cordial with your neighbors because you do not know when they might save you from an attempted burglary.

While it is critical to take precaution and safeguard your home against burglary the best way you know how it is also important that you consider insuring your home and property against burglary.

Leadway Assurance is a reputable insurance company and can be trusted with the insurance of your home. The Leadway’s House Holder/House Owner (HH/HO) Insurance cover provides cover against financial loss in the unfortunate event of a burglary. It doesn’t matter if your home is rented or owned; Leadway HH/HO insurance covers the home regardless.

Leadway HH/HO insurance covers your household appliances such as washing machine, your gadgets such as phones, iPad, tablets, laptops, cameras, TV sets, and electronics, you name it.




You can also insure your jewelry. What this means is that Leadway HH/HO insurance secures against theft, loss, damage and the sudden disappearance of your jewelry and by extension, against the cost of repair and/or replacement.

So don’t worry about any event that might lead to a broken phone screen, broken TV set or washing machine, Leadway HH/HO has them all covered. And here’s the icing on the cake, whether you own the house you live in or simply rented the apartment, the Leadway HH/HO insurance guarantees protection in case you need to repair the house or even rebuild it as a result of damage probably due to burglary.

Be assured that with Leadway’s HH/HO insurance, your valuables such as your phones, Jewellery, IPad and the likes are covered in the result of theft, or Fire even whilst you are outside your homes

Make the smart decision today, protect the things that matter by calling our customer care line on (01) 2800 700, 0812 999 7070, 0809 404 0404 or send an email to:, or for more details to get started, because with Leadway Assurance, whether it is rented or owned, a home is a home.


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