Seeking A Very Affordable Insurance Plan? Home Flexa Is the Bomb!

Aug 30, 2017

After a long day at work, all you might probably long for would be to return to a home, safe and free from chaos and danger. But, sometimes, such desires become far-fetched. The situation could be worsened if you have not made adequate plans for life’s eventualities. What do you do after discovering that your home was burgled while you were away or that there was a fire outbreak, theft or accident that damaged your most expensive property and probably left one of the members of your family injured?

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The truth is that such situations arise every now and then, and could really be destabilizing. Apart from the emotional trauma that usually come with it, it would entail an unbudgeted financial expense, which is why we have introduced a very affordable plan that will save you money and serve as a succor in the event of such eventualities.


Are you a trader, working class professional, bachelor, spinster, artisan or even a student? The days of regarding insurance as something meant for the rich is over. The Home Flexa plan offers immense benefits at N1074 monthly and N12, 885 annually. This means that you can pay the annual premium and enjoy cover for yourself, your family and your properties for a whole year, or pay as you go monthly. One good thing about this is, no matter the payment plan you choose, you will get nothing but comprehensive insurance always.

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Home Flexa is an affordable insurance plan that covers you against risks that could occur in the home. It offers a comprehensive home insurance suitable for any class of individuals. With Home Flexa, you get to enjoy cover for damage or loss of household content, personal accident, medical expenses and funeral expenses at an affordable cost of N1074 per month. Compared to the benefits it provides, Home Flexa is the bomb.

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For losses to household content through fire, burglary, enemy damage, and impact from an object, strike and riot, flood and storm, lightning, limited explosion and earthquake, the policyholder gets to enjoy benefits up to N125, 000. In the case of an accident involving you and your spouse, a fixed payment of N200, 000 will be paid if it results to death and a limit of N200, 000 when a permanent disability occurs.


Other benefits of the Home Flexa insurance plan include cover for medical expenses and a cash contribution to the family for funeral expenses when there is a loss of a policyholder or the spouse. There is just so much to benefit from the Home Flexa plan.


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Steer clear from unforeseen losses! Start the Home Flexa plan with N1, 074 now.

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