What Traffic Law Enforcement Officers Want From You – Part 1

Feb 02, 2017

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Only a few can claim not to have had an issue or two with Traffic Law Enforcement officials regarding vehicle documentation in Nigeria. This is quite popular and experienced more in cities. Encountering traffic law enforcement teams while you drive should not be such a bad experience; in fact, it should be a good one. There is a popular impression that traffic law enforcement is more of a disturbance or a “joy-killer” to road users’ travel experience than a safety precaution by the authorities. This is not totally true. The fact is, traffic law enforcement with regards to vehicular documentation plays an important role in ensuring safety of lives and properties on and around our roads.

Having your complete vehicle document is important and encouraged to avoid getting fined or even imprisoned for violating the laws of the land. What many do not understand is that you eventually pay more for not possessing proper vehicle licenses than when you take the pain and time to complete the required documentations. Although Traffic Law Enforcement teams have been criticized for overly slamming fines on road users for the slightest case of incomplete documentation, ensuring that you are on the right side of the law when plying Nigerian roads is vital to your safety and that of other road users. Truth is, you are more likely to have a pleasant encounter with traffic law enforcement teams if you met all the requirements for safe and professional use of the vehicle.

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The toll of the motorist who consistently attempts to avoid the law enforcement teams could be worse than the fines. Many have to endure detouring to longer routes, driving out very early in the morning or late at night to avoid using the roads when they suspect the officials are out on operations. To help you avoid this unnecessary drama of hide and seek against the Law, we have identified and highlighted the requirements that the traffic Police are actually after.

Auto Insurance

Driver’s License

This is the evidence that the driver went through a professional learning, testing and verification process before using a vehicle. This is because driving a vehicle without the proper training does not only put your life in danger; it also jeopardize other road users. The vehicle, though a means of transportation, would easily become a weapon if not properly handled.

Certificate of Road Worthiness 

Even the best drivers are helpless when they are confronted with a faulty vehicle. Sudden tire burst, break failure, staring lock or any other extreme vehicle malfunction can result in an incredible carnage. This is the reason behind the roadworthiness certificate. It is for the safety of the motorist and the road user. It is noteworthy to state that “Brand new” vehicles need not have this Certificate, until after five (5) years.

Proof of ownership 

Every city or urban centre in the world is confronted with the uncomfortable reality of car thefts. Nigeria is not immune to this. The proof of ownership helps the authorities track those in possession of vehicles that do not rightly belong to them.

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Central Motor Registry Clearance 

This is popularly known as CMR. It is a document issued by the Nigerian Police Force, which becomes very effective in an event where a motorist can’t reach out to the proof of ownership. It also helps to clear the motorist in the event of a stop-and-search for suspected stolen vehicles.

Insurance Certificate

The insurance policy document tells the authorities that the motorist has undertaken the responsibility to indemnify another road user for any damages that may be caused in the event of an accident. The insurance policy means that, no matter the economic state of the vehicle user at the time of the accident, an insurance company will provide compensation on his/her behalf. The third party insurance, which is compulsory in Nigeria, covers injuries caused to other people in an accident, plus the damage caused to the third party property. But it does not provide any coverage for damages to your own vehicle.

To enjoy the advantage of such coverage, a vehicle owner is encouraged to take the comprehensive car insurance. This policy is the coverage you require to cover damages to your own vehicle. It is a wider coverage plan, which is also inclusive of a third party cover.

Auto Insurance

For a reliable coverage, the Leadway Auto Plan (LAP) is recommended. The LAP is designed to provide a range of benefits for any level of cover you purchase on your vehicle(s). It offers a comprehensive motor insurance, which covers loss of or accidental damage to the insured vehicle and also indemnifies for damage to Third Party vehicles/ properties, as well as third-party personal injury or death arising as a result of any accident from the use of the insured vehicle(s).

Depending on the variation you prefer, LAP covers accidental damage to your own vehicle, loss or damage by theft/fire, damage to third party properties and third party bodily injury or death.

LAP is offered in Silver, Gold and Platinum covers, which are renewable annually. The premium rates are in accordance with Motor Insurance Tariffs and have the following benefits:

  1. Leadway will bear reasonable cost of towing damaged vehicle up to ₦30,000.00
  2. Free tracking device for vehicles valued ₦2,500,000.00 and above.
  3. Medical expense of the insured and third party vehicle occupants to a limit of ₦100,000.00.
  4. Compensation for accidental total and permanent disability to the insured to a limit of ₦1,000,000.00.
  5. Payment for 3rd party property damage up to ₦1,000,000.00.
  6. Pre-authorized repair limit of 10% value of the vehicle insured for damages to your vehicle (subject to policy conditions).
  7. Speedy claims settlement after receipt of signed discharge voucher.

As you complete your vehicle papers or renew them, get a comprehensive motor insurance by calling the Leadway customer service on (01) 2800 700, 2800 701, 08129997070, or send an email to Lcs@leadway.com for more details on the Leadway Auto Plan. TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.

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