How to travel safely this yuletide holiday

Dec 19, 2016

Leadway Auto Insurance

The Yuletide season is synonymous with merriment. It is also a season when many families travel to their country homes to reunite with friends and loved ones. This increase in traffic has, over the years, resulted in a rise in road accidents and the consequent casualties.

So, are you travelling for the Christmas holiday? If so, please consider safety an important consideration.

Indeed, the alarming rate of road accidents in Nigeria forces us to rethink our safety and that of our loved ones as we travel. Reckless driving, faulty vehicles, decaying infrastructure and over-speeding, among other things, are some of the challenges that all travellers this season have to carefully consider in order to achieve an accident-free journey.

Next to the Boko Haram insurgency, road accidents are the second-highest source of violent deaths in Nigeria. Then, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Nigerian roads are the most dangerous in Africa, accounting for 33.7 deaths per 100,000 every year. WHO’s records also show that one in every four road accident deaths in Africa occurs in Nigeria.

  1. Service your car: Make sure the vehicle you are using is roadworthy before you leave home. If necessary, change the tyres and engine oil and fill the tank. Make sure, also, that your license, registration and other documents are up to date.
  2. Ensure You Leave On Time This means that you will get to your destination before nightfall. Above all, do not travel at night. Most highways in Nigeria lack street lighting, thus enabling bandits to operate under the cover of darkness. If the night does meet you on the road, drive to the nearest safe hotel and lodge there until the morning, when you can resume your journey in safety.
  3. Use a GPS device: Having a Global Positioning System (GPS) device can help you find alternative routes, should you come across a roadblock due to an accident or a bad road you cannot access. With a GPS device you can never get lost. A map is useful in the absence of such a device in order to avoid getting lost.
  4. Drive in turns: Having a partner to share the driving can significantly reduce the risk of an accident caused by fatigue? So, ensure there are at least two people who are licensed drivers in the vehicle as you undertake your long trip.
  5. Have a First-Aid kit: A small first-aid kit could save the life of a child in a new and unfamiliar location.
  6. Share your plan with someone: It is important that your family or someone close to you knows about your movement, whether you are travelling alone or in a group. Keep this person informed whenever you arrive at or leave a new location.
  7. Get the Leadway Auto Plan Insurance: One emergency can clean out your bank account or, worse still, cause a life to be lost. It is better to stay home if you do not have an insurance policy in place.

Leadway Auto Insurance

The Leadway’s Auto Plan (LAP) is designed to provide a wide range of benefits, which cover loss of, or accidental damage to, the vehicle of the insured. It also indemnifies against damage to third-party vehicles and/or property, as well as third-party personal injury or death arising as a result of any accident from the use of the insured vehicle.

Depending on your preferences, it covers accidental damage to your own vehicle, loss or damage by theft, damage to third-party property, and third-party bodily injury or death.

There are three different types of cover: Silver, Gold and Platinum. All of them are renewable annually, and all offer a comprehensive package. The premium rates are in accordance with the Motor Insurance Tariff with full cover on your own vehicle, along with third-party liability and additional discounts on your other vehicles.

The company will bear the reasonable cost of towing your damaged vehicle to the tune of up to the sum of N30, 000. 00, a free tracking device valued at N2, 500, 000. 00 and above, medical expenses on the insured and the other vehicle’s occupants to a limit of N100,000.00, accidental total and permanent disability to the insured to a limit of N1,000,000.00, and payment for third-party property damage up to N1,000,000.00.

Whilst we bring you Season’s Greetings, we are also keen that you travel safely during this holiday period. So, please ensure that you adhere to these safety tips and, most importantly, insure your vehicle(s) and life with Leadway Assurance.

To find out more about our policies, please call (01) 2800 700, or 2800 701, 08129997213 or send an email to: for more details.

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