Why Insurance Policies Are Best Taken Now!

May 11, 2018 , ,

Why Insurance Policies Are Best Taken Now!

There is no law that says insurance policies should be taken in any particular month. But after the end-of-year expenses, as well as Valentine expenses in February, some people might need a couple of months to recoup, which makes this period of the year a perfect time to take up or renew insurance policies that would guarantee that you and your family are absorbed from losses that may arise from future emergencies.

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Making plans for the future is probably a cliché by now, as most of us already have a long list needs and desires  – from personal wishes to business plans and family needs – all of which we may feel pressured to satisfy. For those who run businesses, there are probably targets and goals to be achieved before the end of the year, which may seem very pressing.  But what happens when the unexpected strikes.

Why Insurance Policies Are Best Taken Now!

Statistics show that major fire incidents are caused by little oversights like wrongly powered appliances, overheated gadgets, misplaced lighting devices, power surges etc. These accidents are often unplanned, except in malicious cases, and could often lead to a huge loss of assets and properties, especially in a situation where a company is affected. That is why you need to get a comprehensive plan such as the Leadway Business Owner Support Scheme (LBOSS) now.

LBOSS is a comprehensive cover for SMEs, which covers a business and its assets from unexpected losses, not excluding its employees. With a plan like LBOSS, you can be assured that your financial year would be free from losses that could arise due to incidences like fire outbreaks, theft, strikes, riots and other forms of malicious attacks. It also provides the employees with a group life insurance policy, where the family of a missing, permanently disabled or dead employee is offered compensation for their loss. LBOSS is a great way for entrepreneurs, and this period of the year is just right to set it rolling.

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Why Insurance Policies Are Best Taken Now!

Now, coming back to the family, we know that family is everything and making family-centered plans aren’t out of place at all. The only issue with making such plans is that they are not often effectively kept, especially when they involve financial commitments like saving towards a housing project or your children’s future. Well, like you already know, we have a plan that would help you with these, and the good thing about these plans is that they are centered on you achieving your goals for your family.

For example, the Leadway Target plan is your best choice for a housing project. It is a strict plan that forces you to save a certain amount within a period of time. By force, we mean that there are penalties for defaulting on your payment. Be assured that you will certainly hit your target at the end of the term of the policy. With regard to this plan, we believe that this period of the year affords you the opportunity to get started on a relaxed note.

Why Insurance Policies Are Best Taken Now!

When saving for your child’s education, you can choose from our interesting varieties. For a more flexible plan, you can settle for the Education Savings Plan with a minimum of N10, 000 monthly or go for something stricter, like the Education Target Plan, which, just like the Leadway Target plan, ensures you hit your target without defaulting. This plan is just perfect for that Harvard dream you have for your kids. All you need to do is start saving now.

What about your personal goals? Are you still not so sure of how to go about them? The one very sure way to start is to start saving towards it. Saving helps you stay a step ahead of your plans. It gives you an edge. Have you heard about our Personal Savings Plan or the Leadway Savings Plan? These plans offer you the opportunity to save towards your personal goals or could serve as some money you could fall back on in the “rainy day”. Again, having gone this far in the year now is a perfect time to start.

For those who do not procrastinate taking control of their future wellbeing, now is the time to get the records right and start a plan. We are always available to guide you on any insurance plan you choose to take. Call 012800700 today for all the information you might need regarding our plans.



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