How to worry less about funeral expenses

Aug 10, 2016

Death, although inevitable, is a concept often unanticipated and unplanned for. The average family man is saddled with bills and responsibilities, from education, feeding, clothing, and housing for himself and his family, to the many other financial demands of family life. It will be relieving for him to worry less about funeral expenses.

Imagine the implication of a sudden death in the family; in this case, the death of an elderly loved one. The unthinkable emotional trauma aside, death in the family often brings with it a great deal of financial costs and expenses, arising from funeral arrangements.

This brings the need to make concrete plans towards such situations as you can tell when such a need may arise. In Nigeria where the burial of a loved one is estimated at somewhere between N30, 000 to N30m, is it really wise for one to go on without an insurance plan in place?

Man in sorrow

Leadway Assurance Company has you covered, with its Family Benefit Plan and Family Benefit Plan Plus, a risk management initiative which ensures its policyholders freedom from sudden and unexpected financial difficulties, resulting from the death of an older loved one and funeral costs that follow.

Both plans allow you to have a befitting burial for your loved ones, covering funeral expenses for about six people including demised loved ones.

The Family Benefit Plan Plus (FBPP) goes ahead to cater for the welfare of the family of the deceased by providing monetary compensation, beyond the funeral costs. The policy provides an extra Grocery Benefit of N25,000, along with a family support stipend of N20,000.00 in six monthly installments.

The Leadway funeral insurance plan is ideal for all families, as it provides a platform to deal with the heavy expenses that follow the death of a loved one in the family. It takes into account, the many circumstances and situations surrounding sudden death in the family: the uncertainty of death and costs arising from funeral arrangements.

Although Leadway Assurance cannot prevent death, they can, however, protect its policyholders from financial burden, as they ensure that all funeral costs are well taken care of.

Leadway Assurance, which has been around for nearly half-a-century, understands the issues faced by Nigerians in an uncertain world where death can call at any time, and with it the obligations imposed by the demands of culture.

Choose Leadway Assurance to stay free from financial burden. Get a quote now.


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