This Yuletide, Home Flexa Will Be The Perfect Gift For Uncle Joe!

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This Yuletide, Home Flexa Will Be The Perfect Gift For Uncle Joe!

It’s the season of love and sharing, and you may be travelling to your country home for the festivities. There you will meet Uncle Joe and his family and, as usual, you will need to offer him a gift for the season. What type of present will be best for him and his family? If you are looking for the best gift for your uncle and his family, you can now relax. Home Flexa Insurance plan, offered by Leadway Assurance, will save the day. You can’t go wrong with this one.

This is the time when families come together in celebration of the love and joy that the season brings. However, the pocket is left dry and empty when the festivities are over, and you start to wonder what exactly you spend so much money on? For many, this is one of the major worries when travelling home to see their family members, especially if you are from a large extended family setting. But here is a great idea of how you can save money, while also giving the best gift to your loved ones.

This Yuletide, Home Flexa Will Be The Perfect Gift

The Leadway Home Flexa insurance plan is it! The Home Flexa is an insurance plan designed to provide comprehensive and affordable insurance protection for low-income earners. It is a flexible insurance plan that provides cover for personal accident, property loss, property damage, private health plan, as well as family benefit. And, since it does not cost a fortune to buy this plan, you can buy it as a year-end gift for your loved ones.

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Take your Uncle Joe, with his wife and 5 children, for instance. With just #1,074 monthly and #12,885 annually, the Home Flexa plan would cover them against the risks listed above. In fact, they can enjoy a cover totalling up to #500,000 on the Home Flexa plan. In the case of death, permanent disability or hospitalisation, the Home Flexa plan pays adequate compensation – up to #200,000 in the case of death or permanent disability of the policyholder or his/her spouse, and up to #40,000 in the case of hospitalisation of any member of the family in a missionary hospital.

The Home Flexa offers great benefits for all. It is also pocket-friendly. Don’t just spend your money on food, candy and wine during this festive season. You can invest a part of it in the future of your loved ones by buying this insurance plan for them.

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