The phrase ‘see finish’ has become prominent in Nigeria. The pidgin term ‘see finish’ loosely translates to ‘to have seen it all’. It is used to describe a situation where two or more people have become too familiar that the boundary of respect or tolerance is pushed or totally shattered. Think of it as a Nigerian way of saying “familiarity breeds contempt.”

Let’s face it, anyone can be a victim of ‘see finish’ especially if we’re not careful. So how then can one avoid this? Stick with us and we’ll tell you how. Here are five ways to avoid ‘see finish’: 

  • Have a moral code and stick to it

Having a moral code keeps you in check. It reminds you of what makes you, you. When you’ve got a moral code and you stick to it, it doesn’t give room for you to bend to the will of others, especially negatively. It makes others respect you.

  • Keep your promises

Not keeping your promises is one definite way to encourage ‘see finish’. Imagine hearing someone saying “Na so e dey do, e no dey ever deliver” or you promise to get your little niece a gift and she’s like “I know you won’t get it, you say that all the time”. At work, school, and any other place, keeping your promises ensures your respect stays intact.

  • Normalize keeping some things to yourself

It’s okay to be extroverted and sociable, but when it comes to some topics and personal matters that might divulge very sensitive information about you or people close to you (e.g your spouse, kids, partners, etc.) you need to keep your business to yourself. The more people know about you, the more the tendency for see-finish. 

  • Speak up when you’re mistreated

There’s being nice and there’s being taken advantage of because you’re nice. The latter should never be the case for you. When people try to mistreat you, they should be put in their place immediately because they will come back for more if you do not act immediately, just like how you’re to treat bullies.

What says “see finish” more than those relatives making faces and chattering behind your back because you can’t give a befitting burial to a spouse, parent, or parent-in-law? If you search, you would probably not find a lot. The Leadway Benefit Plan Plus is a funeral insurance that addresses this to help you avoid the shame of “see finish”. Its premiums are affordable and the benefits are tax-free.

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