Vision statement

To be a leading insurance company and non-banking financial solutions provider in Nigeria, Leveraging on our strategic capabilities in other selected markets.

Mission statement
To be a service provider of choice, bringing insurance as a risk management tool to the consciousness of all; adding value to our clients and other stakeholders in an efficient and reliable manner.

We introduce our core values christened “iSCORE” and its definition:

I: Integrity

Honesty, Probity, and Uncompromised service are all values we owe our customers. If you cherish a partner that you can trust no matter the weather, talk to us today.

S: Service

The taste of the porridge is in the eating. So if the quality of service matters as much to you as your business success, an insurance cover with Leadway should be your main course.

C: Customer Focus

Our policies are tailored towards our customers’ business needs, which is not a coincidence because it’s our tradition to handle each customer specially. So if you want to be the centre of attention, Leadway offers you the perfect opportunity.

O: Openness

No matter the small print, facts are laid as they are. All our customers deserve to know the bare facts of any policy they take with us. That’s how open we are and together we can tackle any grey areas. So if you desire any insurance business relationship built on trust, our doors are open.

R: Respect for the Individual

We hold each and every customer in very high esteem. This attitude has earned us reciprocal treatment from our customers. If you’re looking for an insurance partner that values you, try Leadway.

E: Excellence

We place premium value on relationship: that’s why we constantly work at excelling in supporting your aspirations – for life, for business. If your choice is to excel….. Think Leadway.

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