Leadway Assurance currently provides Agric cover for the below agric-tech platforms


  • Please note that we do not cover any other farm asset outside this list.
  • Also, kindly be informed that we DO NOT guarantee safety of your funds if lost due to agri-business failure in which you have willingly invested.
  • Before taking the risk of investment, kindly contact an independent investment advisor or broker for advice and information
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It simply implies that Leadway Assurance Co. Ltd only provides cover (over a particular period of time) for specified risks, e.g. Poultry risks, against insured perils (e.g. death of birds due to Fire, Flood, Diseases) as stated in the Insurance policy document issued to a farm and not on individual investor’s funds and the returns. The insurance contract is effected in the name of the Agritech tech platform and not in the name of the individual investor. Therefore, it’s the Agritech platform that have a right of compensation/claims recovery from the insurance contract when a loss occur, the individual investor therefore cannot claim under the policy. i.e. the insurance contract.

It simply implies that Leadway Assurance Co. Ltd only provides cover for risks to the insured farm (e.g. ginger crop) against perils stated in the Insurance policy document issued to the Agric-tech Company and not on individual investor’s funds and the returns. Therefore, an investor cannot claim under this policy. In the event of a loss of the Agric project, Leadway’s Assurance Company limited liability is limited to the amount invested in an agric project by the Agritech platform and insured with Leadway after crowd funding from the investing public. For example if the sum of N100, 000,000 was crowd funded form the investing public and the Agritech platform invests only N50, 000,000 of this amount in an agric project that is insured with Leadway, our liability in the event of a loss will be limited to the N50, 000,000 and not to the N100, 000,000 crowd funded from the investing public.

If the Agritech platform sincerely invests the investors fund in an agric project and insures same with Leadway, and the insured farm suffers a loss as a result of the perils stated in the insurance contract, Leadway will pay the benefits to the Agritech platform. It is expected that the Agritech platform will in turn pay the investors from the compensation paid to them by Leadway. If this is done, the investor’s capital to an extent is protected. It is important to reiterate that our contractual obligation is to the Agritech platform and not to the individual investors.

Please note that if the name of the farm is not on the list it can mean:
1. The farm is operated with an online name different from the registered business name. Please revert to the online farm to provide you with their registered business name.
2. Only Agric insurance covers are listed on this page. Other insurance covers such as Marine and Goods in Transit are not listed here.
3. The farm is currently not insured by Leadway.

Farm property and farm produce Insurance covers loss or damage to agricultural produce and the property stored at the insured’s warehouse, arising from insured perils such as;

  1. Fire
  2. Lightning
  3. Windstorm
  4. Flood
  5. Aircraft
  6. Burglary/House Breaking
  7. Impact
  8. Earthquake
  9. Malicious damage
  10. Bushfire

Leadway Assurance Company Ltd. does not secure individual investment in this way. For information on various insurance products offered by Leadway Assurance, please click here

Note that loss or damage to the insured crops/livestock/poultry/farms directly or indirectly attributable to or caused by the adverse consequences of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which in turn affects the management or operations of the farm is not covered by the policy.


Capacity to pay claims: In the past five years we have paid over N92 billion in claims. Solid financial reputation: With an asset base of over N270 billion, we remain Nigeria’s strongest insurer. Easy Claims Settlement: We tell no stories when you make claims, we pay imediately your claim is verified. Customer Care: Our customer service representatives are always available to attend to your inquiries.

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