The evolution of Leadway since 1970 has mirrored the dramatic expansion of indigenous insurance service providers, with Leadway remaining in the forefront as an insurer of repute. The reputation enjoyed today by Leadway has been attained by the continuing pursuit of improvements to maintain a competitive advantage. All aspects of the business are approached with discipline; the recruitment of staff, the development of products, the advancement of technologies and the personal service offered to each client.


The CAMEL© logo symbolizes the vision of the founders of the Company at the time of incorporation in 1970.  The vision has had its basis on the conceptual note of insurance as a risk transfer mechanism, enabling insurers to carry all types of financial burden. As a BURDEN CARRIER, insurers are expected to have the required strength and tenacity to survive, even during difficult times, if indeed they are to protect the interests that have been transferred to them.   In espousing this primary concept, the founders envisioned that, come what may – rain or shine, dull or bright – the Company must always meet its financial obligation to all its customers by ensuring that claims are paid when due, without any delay by reason of insufficient funds.  This mission to be always EFFICIENT in meeting financial obligations of customers is expected to engender a bond with each individual customer such that the Company is, indeed, seen as a RELIABLE insurer.  The conceptual basis of the Camel was therefore rested on the slogan of the Company being an EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE Carrier of financial burdens/obligation.

So what makes The CAMEL©, a powerful logo?

1.   A Camel has stores of Flesh and Fat than can be easily absorbed when food is scarce.

2.     A Camel can subsist without water for several days.

3.     A Camel, by its structural qualities, can survive in the most arid (dromedary camel) or cold (bactrian camel) terrain. Its nostrils may be closed during sandstorms or blizzards and its eyes are shielded by very long eyelashes.

4.     Its endurance is remarkable under different circumstances, that some are given to calling the camel “THE GIFT OF GOD”.   The endurance and strength of the Camel have made it a valuable beast of burden.

5.     Camels can be organized for mutual help and protection against the hazards of travel as a caravan

The CAMEL© as a LOGO is interesting for all its correlation to insurance as follows:

CAPACITY:      Insurers are expected to have the financial strength to contain the risk of losses that they have agreed to bear.

SOLVENCY:      Insurers are expected to keep RESERVES, including mathematical reserves, against future claims.

SECURITY:      Insurers are expected to have the backup necessary to ensure that even claims of very high magnitude are settled by spreading the assumed financial burdens in an organized market for help and protection against catastrophes.

The Camel© Nigeria Logo was registered as a trademark of Leadway Assurance Company Limited in 1971.

Phenomenon behind the Camel and Sunrise

This concept is about a rejuvenated company with a strong background and heritage that has repositioned itself to meet with global changes and to be compliant with modern practice in financial services industry.

What does the symbol stand for?

CAMEL:                       The Camel depicts Strength, Stability, Courage, Companionship, Support and Friendship

SUNRISE:                    The Sunrise depicts a rejuvenated strength in service delivery

ORANGE COLOUR:   The Orange colour depicts the company’s invigorated strength, willingness to honour its promises, generosity to all our customers and prosperity in the life of the company.

BLACK COLOUR:      The Black colour depicts Reliability, Royalty, Optimism & Prosperity

NAME FONT:             The font used for the Company’s name is Frutiger.  This font stands out amongst its peers.  It is stable, confident and legible.

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