Getting travel insurance might be a little overwhelming as you need to choose what you want yours to cover. You consider your needs and then decide on the appropriate insurance package.

What is appropriate for one person may not be for the other. This article discusses the qualities you should consider to choose the best travel insurance.

How to choose the best Travel Insurance

1. Policy duration

When choosing travel insurance coverage, consider the potential of needing to prolong your trip. Choose a policy that includes policy extension in case your trip is extended and you want extra coverage for that period.

2. Pre-departure benefits

Pre-departure benefits are benefits that take effect before you leave for your vacation, especially trip cancellation benefits. If you have to cancel your trip at the last minute due to a covered cause, these benefits may pay you for prepaid, nonrefundable trip fees. If any element of your planned trip is non-refundable, such as flights, cruise prices, excursions, hotels, and/or vacation rental expenses, you need these benefits.

3. Destinations coverage

It is safe to check if the coverage you’re considering covers the place you’re intending to visit. This is because various policies have varied terms and may have global or territorial scope. Check the clauses in your policy for details and sub-limitations if you have a global policy. Furthermore, rates may vary depending on where your intended trip is.

4. Post-departure benefits

Post-departure benefits are benefits that take effect after you’ve commenced your journey. Departure perks may include: delay in travel, luggage delay or baggage theft/damage, medical and dental coverage in an emergency, and emergency transportation. The type of trip you are taking determines the perks you need.

5.  Exclusions from coverage

The benefits of travel insurance are what most people focus on when looking for travel insurance. But, it is important to also look at what is not covered. Exclusions are scenarios and conditions in which your travel insurance does not cover any losses.

Some of these exclusions can be; any form of loss, condition, or incident that was known, foreseen, planned, or anticipated at the time your policy was obtained.

Unless stated otherwise, inquire about trip cancellation, pregnancy and delivery, and participating in high-risk or extreme sports and activities. Read the exclusions carefully.

6. Age limits and Medical exclusions

Some policies will not insure anyone over the age of 65, no matter how fit and active they are. In the same vein, some insurance policies exclude pre-existing medical conditions.

Good travel insurance coverage will protect you financially in the event of an unexpected medical bill while travelling abroad. Be sure to read through the contents included under the medical cover section before deciding on insurance.

Also, state whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions and know if they are covered.

7. Cover for luggage and valuables

Losing your luggage and valuables such as your passport, pocketbook, and jewellery is quite common. It is important to keep in mind that a travel insurance policy should provide coverage for luggage loss.

Different types of insurance policies now have different terms for baggage loss. Some plans will only accept claims for the entire loss of luggage or may exclude hand luggage from the provision.

Find out if your insurance coverage will cover you if you need a new or duplicate passport, need cash in an emergency due to the loss of your wallet, or will pay you for a jewellery theft that happened while you were travelling.

8. Flight cancellation cover

A trip that is cancelled or a vacation that is cut short due to an emergency can be one of the most irritating and unpleasant events. What is more painful is the monetary loss associated with the purchase of flying tickets, lodging, touring, and other things that you had planned and, in many instances, pre-paid for.

In such instances, cancellation insurance might be really useful. You may select a policy that provides enough trip cancellation coverage based on the cost of your total trip. A good cancellation policy should cover not just the cost of your prepaid costs, but also the cost of your return tickets home.

How to Purchase Travel Insurance

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Bottom Line

Travelling is often full of uncertainties. So travel insurance should not be just an option but a necessity as it acts as a safety net that allows you to venture out with confidence.

Investing in the right travel insurance coverage benefits you in many ways. Using the guidelines outlined above, you can select the best insurance coverage for yourself.


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