Setup Recurrent Payment

You can setup up recurrent payment to ensure your premiums are paid when due automatically from your specified bank, based on your instructions.

Setting up recurrent payment however requires an initial premium payment to be made using you ATM card. Your policy number is also required to successfully setup recurrent payments.

Follow the steps below to activate recurrent payments:

  1. Click on “Setup Recurrent Payment”.
  2. Enter your First name, Last Name and  Email Address
  3. Select recurrent payment frequency (Monthly,Quarterly or Annually)
  4. Enter the amount to be charged per the frequency specified above
  5. Select policy tenor (in months)
  6. Enter your Policy Number
  7. Click on Make Payment
  8. Provide debit card details
  9. Conclude the transaction

The payment will be posted into your policy and the recurrent payment instruction becomes active for the policy tenor.

Setup Recurrent Payment
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