Do you want a recurring payment on your debit card?

You can setup up recurrent payments to ensure your premiums are automatically paid when due and debited from your ATM card, based on your instructions. Setting up recurrent payment, however, requires an initial premium payment to be made using your ATM card. Your policy number, a few other details, and a valid debit card are required to successfully set up recurrent payment on our website.

Please note that if you currently have a direct debit instruction in place and would like to switch accounts or cancel the instruction, please send an email to   before proceeding with the steps below.

Ready to get started?

Follow these 10 simple steps below to activate recurrent payments:

  1. Click on “Setup Recurrent Payment”.
  2. Enter your policy number (E.g LSP10000000)
  3. Enter the amount to be charged per your preferred frequency (to be specified below)
  4. Select your preferred start date i.e. the exact day, month, and year you want the first debit to be effected.
  5. Select your preferred end date i.e. the exact day, month, and year you want the last debit to be effected.
  6. Choose your preferred frequency i.e how often you want the debit to be carried out e.g. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  7. Click on ‘Proceed’.
  8. Wait for the summary page to pop up and then click on ‘Make Payment‘.
  9. Choose the ‘Pay with Card‘ option and provide your debit card details
  10. Follow the instructions and conclude the transaction.

The payment will be posted into your policy and the recurrent payment instruction becomes active for the policy tenor (the agreed duration of your policy).

For those that select the ‘Monthly’ frequency, the debits will be carried out on the specific start date you selected every month e.g. if you selected the 5th of December, your next debit will be on the 5th of the next month and carry on like that till the selected end date. If you choose the ‘Quarterly frequency, your debit will be done exactly four months from the Start date and carry on like that every quarter (four months); for the ‘Semi-annual frequency’, your debit will be done every 6 months from your ‘Start date’; while for those that choose the ‘Annual frequency’, the debit will be done on the same date as your ‘Start date’ year on year.

If you require any assistance while setting up a recurrent payment on your policy or have any complaints, please send an email to or

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