Leadway Annuity Just Got Stronger with PENCOM’s Approval

Jun 16, 2017

Living a healthy life and enjoying a good lifestyle well into your golden years is the wish of everyone. However, achieving this would entail...

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If You Don’t Celebrate Yourself, No One Else Will!

Apr 30, 2018 , , , , , ,

If You Don’t Celebrate Yourself, No One Else Will

May 1st is Worker’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate workers around the world, with origin from the United States of America. On...

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Insurance Policies That Would Make Great Valentine Gifts

Feb 13, 2018 , , ,

After Tracy, a young mother of two children lost her husband to a fire incident that occurred in their home, it seemed like her...

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Insurance 101: Understanding Insurance Policy Documents

Jan 23, 2018 , , , , , , ,

This year, as we emphasize on the importance of procuring insurance as a proactive and risk mitigating step towards a secured financial wellbeing, we...

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Here’s Why Every Nigerian Needs Insurance Protection

Nov 20, 2017

Here’s Why Every Nigerian Needs Insurance Protection

As much as we prefer to be religious about our future or what happens the day after, we are surrounded by situations that occasion...

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Here’s How Leadway Assurance Is Bringing Insurance Closer To You

Aug 18, 2017

The insurance industry should ideally play an active role in a nation’s economy, being a tool for the transfer of risks from businesses and...

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Domestic Accidents: How to Avoid the Disaster and Grief

Mar 27, 2017 , ,

The mention of the word ‘home’, usually invokes an imagery of a peaceful place where smiling families share love and happiness. It symbolises peace...

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Here Is How We Insure Your Happiness

Mar 02, 2017

happy nigerian family best insurance company in nigeria

Celestine’s first experience with us was when the church bus he drives got involved in an accident. Before the accident, insurance to him was...

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