Enjoy life like you never retired with our annuity plan. With this plan, you get tax-free salary for life.

Annuity can be purchased with either proceeds from your retirement savings account or other sources of income. Annuity purchased with a Retirement Savings Account must have a minimum of 10 years guarantee period. However, for premium from other sources, the guarantee period may vary from 0 years to 20 years.


  • There are three payment options available for you to choose from.

    • A level income payment option: This pays the highest income and remains the same throughout your lifetime regardless of inflation.
    • An increasing income payment option:  This option protects you from inflation by guaranteeing an annual increment of 5% or 7.5% of the annuity payment.
    • A Spouse Option: This provides payment of  25%, 50%, or 75% of your annuity payment to your spouse for the rest of their life after the expiration of guaranteed period upon death of the primary retiree (Annuitant).

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  • Documentation: Upload all necessary documents depending on the kind of claim it is.

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  • Processing: Claim is received and processed.
  • Settlement: Claim is settled on confirmation.


Capacity to pay claims: In the past five years we have paid over N92 billion in claims. Solid financial reputation: With an asset base of over N270 billion, we remain Nigeria’s strongest insurer. Easy Claims Settlement: We tell no stories when you make claims, we pay imediately your claim is verified. Customer Care: Our customer service representatives are always available to attend to your inquiries.

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