Our Agricultural insurance offers various degree of cover to your farm, crop, livestock and other property. Get cover for your farm produce, crops, poultry, fish farm, livestock, machinery and equipment etc. against losses from fire, burglary/housebreaking, lightening, flood, explosion, windstorm, impacts, earthquake, volcanic eruptions and even plane crashes.

i. FIRE: An occurrence of combustion or burning that result in destruction or damage to your property or agricultural produce.
ii. LIGHTNING: this is an electrical spark discharge by free electrons in the sky that can lead to the burning and destruction of the farm.
iii. WINDSTORM: Damage caused directly by rain where the damage caused by windstorm has caused rain water to enter the building. Water damage due to leaking of any roof (unless such roof(s) is damaged by windstorm) or as a result of doors, windows, or roof being left open is not covered.
iv. FLOOD: Flood here means the overflowing or deviation of water from its normal channels of either natural or artificial courses. It also includes the overflowing of gutters and down pipe or bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes other than sprinkler leakage, fire extinguisher or drencher system.
v. AIRCRAFT: Damage by aircraft and other aerial devices and/or articles dropped therefrom.
vi. BURGLARY/HOUSEBREAKING: This is illegal entry of the insureds premises/warehouse with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.
vii. IMPACT: Loss or damage cause by impact of road vehicle or animal belonging to or under the control of the insured, his agent or employees.
viii. EARTHQUAKE AND VOLCANIC ERUPTION: This includes floods or overflows of the sea as a result of an earthquake or volcanic eruption. Subject to the proviso that all damages occurring within 72 (seventy-two) consecutive hours of an earthquake and arising solely from seismic activity is deemed to be one event for the purpose of determining insurer’s liability.
ix. MALICIOUS DAMAGE: Damage caused by the deliberate act of any person whether or not such act is committed in the course of a disturbance of the public peace including damage caused by theft or any attempted theft.


  • You are also covered for fire damage(s) to your property from bush burning and forest fires at no extra cost.

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Capacity to pay claims: In the past five years we have paid over N92 billion in claims. Solid financial reputation: With an asset base of over N270 billion, we remain Nigeria’s strongest insurer. Easy Claims Settlement: We tell no stories when you make claims, we pay imediately your claim is verified. Customer Care: Our customer service representatives are always available to attend to your inquiries.

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